I am not satisfied with my partner – what can I do?

Being in love is definitely a unique experience that can make us feel complete.

But couple relationships are complexAnd while we can start a relationship fully in love, over time problems and conflicts can arise. If we don’t deal with them well, we can feel great dissatisfaction, huge frustration, and great pain because our romance isn’t going the way we wanted it to.

    Romantic relationships must be worked on

    Romantic relationships are always interpersonal relationships, In which each member of the couple has his needs, his desires, his expectations, his beliefs, his values ​​… Believing that people go by magic is a mistake. In fact, this is a very common mistake, because novels or television promote a misconception of what romantic love is.

    To be successful in a relationship, it is important to work in it, to have common goals, negotiate and make deals, communicate effectively, love freedom, Trust each other and, of course, respect our lover. Although we often ignore it, dissatisfaction in a relationship manifests itself because of poor communication, emotional deficiencies and irrational beliefs.

    When this happens, it is when you think that he is no longer happy with his partner, and his way of being and his attitudes start to change, perhaps even without realizing it.

      How to detect that you are not happy in a relationship

      Knowing when you are not happy as a couple is relatively simple because dissatisfaction appears, just like unhappiness. What is not so simple is to detect the reasons why we are not happy as a couple, and often requires a deep and objective self-reflection.

      The first step in change is to be aware of what needs to change, as it is very important to know the behaviors that affect the smooth running of the relationship. But … how do we know what’s wrong? A good strategy is to answer the questions I ask you below.

      1. Are there any hard feelings? Because?

      Love is a very intense feeling, and in some situations it causes disproportionate reactions. This is because the emotional pain we feel when things go wrong in our love affair is very deep and penetrating. Disputes with our partner hurt more than conflicts with other people around us and provokes a passionate reaction in us.

      If you detect that there are grudges towards your partner better than the solutions ASAP to avoid entering a vicious circle that makes the problem bigger and bigger.

      2. Do you negotiate in conflicts?

      One of the most common causes of conflict between partners is poor communication, so you need to be assertive, especially during the most difficult times.

      Each member of the couple has their own way of seeing the world, and reaching agreements is not always easy. In a romantic relationship, we should not impose our opinions and we should use dialogue. Knowing how to negotiate and make deals is vital if we want the relationship to last.

      3. Do you agree on the important things?

      You cannot always agree on all the decisions you need to make, just as you cannot always share the same views. But for a relationship to be lasting, it is it is essential that you come to agreements and agree on the important aspects. For example, common goals or core values.

      Although each individual has his own scale of values, for the relationship to be consolidated, it is necessary to build a scale of values ​​in common. It is important that you remedy together to keep the boat moving.

      4. Does he support you in difficult times?

      No one is perfect, and like I said, relationship conflicts can arise at any time.

      But when you’re going through tough times, like losing your job or losing a loved one, it’s always best to stick together and put everyone aside. If your partner puts quarrels aside to offer support, it is a sign that he is committed to the relationship and to you.

      5. Do intimate relationships work?

      One of the factors that most influences the well-being of the couple are intimate relationships, which play a very important role in the unity and stability of the couple.

      Although scientific studies suggest that quantity is not as important as quality, lack of sexual contactWhether due to monotony and other sexual problems, it can lead to serious difficulties for the proper functioning of the couple. In these cases, it is necessary to undergo sex therapy.

        6. Are you planning to cheat on your partner?

        Fidelity is one of the fundamental values ​​for building a stable loving relationship and marriage; however, infidelity is very common today. Overcoming it is not easy, as it is seen as betrayal and disloyalty..

        Monotony or communication problems can often be the root cause of infidelity. And although we sometimes think that when this happens only one member of the couple suffers from it, infidelity usually causes pain on both parties.

          Going to couples therapy: a solution to improve well-being in the relationship

          When a couple is going through any of the aforementioned issues and are able to detect it, if they do their part, they may be able to fix it and find their way back to happiness with the person they love. However, it is often inevitable to have the help of a professional expert in this field, that is to say a psychotherapist with 1 couple.

          Unlike what happens in other forms of psychotherapy, you do not need to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder to resort to it, as relationship psychologists focus not only on the individual to help find solutions, but on the relationship and the reasons that make it difficult.

          Mensalus Institute: Are you looking for help to find happiness in your love affair or to overcome a breakup?

          Whether it’s because you want to find happiness in your relationship or want to overcome a breakup, the Mensalus Institute in Barcelona can help. This clinic is considered one of the best psychotherapy centers in Spain and not only offers couples therapy in person in Barcelona, ​​but also online, so that you can benefit from the therapeutic sessions at the time you want and from where you are.

          Mensalus has a team of psychologists highly specialized in sex and couple therapy, so that they can provide you with solutions and help you in the difficulties you are going through in your relationship, whether it is to improve communication, to follow nine objectives. common, overcome sexual problems (lack of desire or arousal, problems reaching orgasm, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, etc.), accept infidelity, cope effectively with occasional seizures, struggle against distancing or any other situation that affects your well-being and that of your lover

          Their professionals apply techniques and strategies aimed at growth both individually and in pairs and allow you to learn new ways to communicate with your partner at the same time, they provide you with the necessary tools to overcome difficulties in the relationship and in cohabitation, the conflicts of the couple and also to overcome the lack of love in case one of the two decides to end the relationship .

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