Is distance forgotten in couple relationships?

Finding the love of your life is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Having someone to trust, having amazing time with them and of course having an intimate relationship with that person makes life worth living.

However, there are situations when, for different reasons, lovers have to go their separate ways. In such cases … Is the distance forgotten? Is it possible to make the couple work in this situation? In the following lines, we’ll reflect on long-distance love and offer some tips that can make the long-distance relationship work.

    Is love from a distance possible?

    Answering the question of whether love at a distance is possible is tricky. On the one hand, the intensity of the feeling felt by the lovers, the patience of the people involved and the mentality they adopt are essential, because communication and trust are more essential than ever.

    It is also very different to have a relationship thousands of miles away (if there is no opportunity to see more than once a year) than to live hundreds of miles away, when there is. has a chance to stay on weekends. Being away can be difficult, but it can also be an opportunity to find out how one person feels about another. If the distance is exceeded, the chances that love will emerge strengthened are many.

    In addition, it should be understood that there are very different situations from one couple to another, and sometimes the impossibility of a meeting makes the oblivion obvious. As some experts claim, when a couple break up and a few months pass, the feeling intensifies thanks to what is known as the “Romeo and Juliet effect”, but if many years pass, the neural circuits break down. weaken and people often start their lives without the other. nobody.

      Communication and trust: key elements

      Anyone who has been through this situation knows that often the imagination flies when the other person is not around. Lack of physical contact is not the only handicap to this type of love.

      The intensity and emotion of the beginning often have nothing to do with the end result, as the importance of maintaining rationality and being aware of the reality surrounding the situation can determine the success or failure of this. type of relationship. Communication is essential when you are away from your lover. Today, fortunately, it is possible to have conversations with the couple by phone, chat and video call at a very low cost, so that communication can be smooth despite the distance.

      however, trust is vital in this context, as some people can become “paranoid” by not having the person close. A lot of discussions can arise about trivial or inappropriate things, and in long-distance relationships, unlike close relationships, there is no physical contact and it is not possible to speak to the person face to face. Many times a simple kiss or a passionate night to resolve trivial conflicts, something that doesn’t happen when the other person is thousands of miles away from us.

      Problems that may arise in long-distance relationships

      Having a long distance relationship is not easy, and many obstacles can appear in the path of lovers. The most common problems they encounter are:

      • Jealousy: the distance steals the imagination, which can affect the stability of the couple. This can happen because communication is often not entirely smooth and the person imaginatively fills in the gaps.
      • uncertainty: The imagination can often provoke the appearance of pessimistic thoughts, especially when there is not enough confidence.
      • Lack of commitment: Distance can make one member feel less engaged than the other.
      • Difficulty spending time together: Sometimes lovers’ agendas are not compatible, which can lead to problems for the relationship.
      • Lack of physical contact: One of the main problems in long distance relationships is the lack of physical contact.
      • Infidelities: Lack of physical contact can lead to infidelities. Although it often depends on the values ​​of each individual.

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      How to make a long distance relationship work

      When a long distance relationship is inevitable, Is it possible to make distant love work?

      It depends on the two members of the relationship, but it is possible to follow a few tips to keep the relationship healthy despite the miles that separate the couple.

      1. Communication

      As I explained in the previous lines, communication is a key factor. In fact, communication is essential in any relationship, but from a distance it is important to maintain fluid communication and be very clear in what we are saying, as distance can lead to misinterpretations.

      2. Space

      Although the physical space does not exist in the long distance relationship, the psychological space does exist.. This is why it is advisable not to be in permanent contact with the couple and it is essential to let them go about their lives normally and without overflow.

      3. Confidence

      I have also said before that trust is the key. As in any relationship, without trust it is not possible for it to work. In this context, it is necessary to give a vote of confidence to the couple so as not to provoke conflicts that are difficult to resolve.

      4. Get on your side

      Willpower is the key in these types of situations, so be patient and putting each of your roles will help maintain the relationship despite the kilometers of separation.

      5. Common objective

      Having a common goal keeps the couple motivated. In other words, it will help the couple stay together despite the obstacles that may arise due to the distance.

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