Men prefer silly, thoughtless women, study finds

Over the past decades, different studies have been conducted to find out what is most attractive to a man and what he is looking for in a woman. And just as some men may wonder, how come women are attracted to tough men?

A study conducted by the University of Texas this seems to indicate that men are attracted to thoughtless and mentally vulnerable women. In other words, they don’t precisely like philosophers or great thinkers, but rather the opposite.

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Stupid women are very attractive to men

The study was conducted by researchers at the Lutheran University of California and the University of Texas, and appears to indicate that men feel intimidated by smart women and that they feel a particular predilection for thoughtless and rather stupid or stupid women. Could this indicate that less thoughtful women are easier to hook up and lie down? Or rather is it a predilection to remain the “roosters” of the corral? The assumptions are in the air.

To arrive at these results, the researchers asked a large group of students which actions, body postures, attitudes or personality traits were the most attractive (for example, biting their lips, touching their hair, etc.), then extract 88 the factors they used in their study, which consisted of showing a series of photographs showing these characteristics to 76 men. They were then asked what behaviors were associated with it and what desires aroused in them. Men associate female attractiveness with signs of vulnerability and low intelligence.

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This study goes against the flow of sapiosexuality

Recently, in an article by Psychology and the mindLet’s talk about “sapiosexuality”. the sapiosexuals they are people attracted to the intelligence of individuals of the opposite sex. According to the data of this study, in the case of men, sapiosexuality would not be precisely a characteristic to take into account when knotting.

Indeed, according to sexologist Miren Larrazábal, president of the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies (FESS), “women, in terms of attraction, refer, in addition to the physical, we value intelligence”. Furthermore, Larrazábal, he concludes, “it doesn’t mean that men aren’t attracted to a woman’s intelligence, but they tend to pay attention to something else.” Well, it looks like Dr Larrazábal was pointing in the right direction: men do not appreciate the intelligence of their potential partners.

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3 in 4 women are lesbians, according to another study

And of course, the data from this study can be very frustrating for some women, especially those who use their intelligence as a weapon of seduction. Fortunately, further research will be needed to determine if these results are reproducible. If new research corroborates these findings, no one would be surprised by the results of another study that found 3 in 4 women to be lesbians.

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At what age do women stop being attractive to men?

And I’m sure some women think no one understands men. This idea becomes stronger when we take a look at another controversial research that concludes that women over 28 are no longer attractive to men. These results are consistent with the idea that the older a man gets, the more he likes young women.

Finnish researchers from Åbo Akademi University conducted this research with more than 12,000 participants aged 25 to 40 years. The sample is therefore quite large.

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Men also like smiling women

But, What are some other characteristics of women that appeal to men?

This question was asked by a group of researchers at the University of British Columbia (USA) in a study led by Jessica Tracy, professor and director of the same university. The results were published in the American Psychological Association Journal, and has shown that for men, women who smile the most are very attractive.

In the case of women, however, the results are quite the opposite. “The men who are considered more attractive to them are the ones who show a more serious trait and smile less.” So there is a notable difference between men and women in this area: they prefer them to smile, and they sigh for seriousness and thoughtfulness. Curious.

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