Nerves before marriage: 16 tips to regain confidence

We are about to take an important step, marry someone you love. It is therefore logical that nervousness arises and even that doubts arise both on the organization and on the very fact of getting married: who do we invite? Where did we get married and how do we organize it? Will the wedding go well? Do I really want to get married? Do I love him enough to connect my life with him / her in this way? Should we wait any longer?

The nerves before marriage can play tricks on us and generate a high level of anxiety and that we doubt everything to the point of rethinking our options.

In order to try to alleviate the situation, in this article I suggest 16 tips to fight nerves before marriage and restore confidence in your choice.

    Tips to fight nerves before marriage

    Below are 16 options for you to consider to regain the nerves lost confidence before marriage.

    1. Ask for advice: express your doubts

    Voltage, fear that something is wrong or the doubts that may arise can cause a high level of tension and nervousness before the wedding. The worst thing we can do is swallow our doubts.

    It would be highly recommended count on the help and opinion of someone you trust, If it can come from someone who has lived it, with whom to let off steam and who to consult. A mother or a father, a sister or a brother or a friend can serve as a support and an anchor for all the changes that the event brings in our lives. You can also turn to professional help if we find that these sensations are beyond our possibilities.

    2. Respiratory techniques

    One way to fight the nerves before marriage is use relaxation techniques, The most common being breathing, which you can even implement a few minutes before the link. Focusing on breathing and passing air through the body, using diaphragmatic breathing if possible, reduces anxiety levels.

    Additionally, muscle contraction and distension can also be used to produce a higher level of relaxation. Jacobson’s progressive relaxation technique is a good example.

      3. Exercise

      Physical exercise is a good way to reduce your stress level Before marriage. It helps generate endorphins and allows you to disconnect your mind from worry and stress.

      4. Think about what you fell in love with

      They can happen at the last minute doubts about whether or not to get married. A useful strategy to consider is to think about what made you come up with it or accept it. Why you are together or how you feel when you are close to this person.

      5. Record all that remains to be done.

      If the nervousness is due to difficulties in organizing the ceremony, it is recommended record necessary tasks in an orderly fashion. This way we can see what remains to be done and feel relieved to see the things that we have already done.

      6. Rest

      This advice may seem obvious, however not getting enough sleep can wreak havoc on our nerves when we are in a stressful situation. We have lower levels of concentration, less cognitive resources, and we are more irritable.

      This is why it is strongly recommended to make the most of the periods of sleep to rest, so as not to further accentuate the state of anxiety. Especially the night before, although with pre-wedding nerves it’s more complex (some of the tips above are recommended to be used).

      7. Focus on yourself

      Often the nervousness is related to the fact that the organization of the wedding means mobilize a large number of people, Who have different preferences and views. Don’t try to please everyone. This is your wedding, prioritize what you and your partner want it to mean.

      8. Take a break

      Whether with your partner or individually, it is advisable to make a kind of little outing which allows you to disconnect. Go to a spa, a cabin or a rural hotel where you don’t think about the wedding itself but you just enjoy the moment.

      9. Talk to your partner

      Nerves before marriage are a very normal thing. It’s possible and very likely that your partner also has similar feelings even if you don’t express them the same way. It is recommended that you talk about it and share your concerns.

      10. Let the routine continue

      Obviously, getting married is a big step forward and a big emotional investment, so it’s easy to get obsessed with the topic at the end of the day. One way to combat pre-marriage nerves is to maintain the usual routines. We have to work, do the housework, go out with our friends or have meals with family normally.

      11. Delegation

      If the pressure can with us, it is advisable to be able to delegate to others. Ask for help from your loved ones organizing the wedding, or hiring a professional dedicated to these necessities, can relieve some of the tension and reduce nervousness.

      12. Try to relativize

      Your wedding day can be a very exciting time and it makes sense to want everything to go well. But if that doesn’t happen or complications do arise, we shouldn’t be concerned about it either.

      remember this it’s an important celebrationBut the world won’t stop if something doesn’t go as planned. Also, keep in mind that most couples who got married had doubts similar to yours.

      13. Think positively

      Try to avoid thinking that things will turn out badly. It is not productive and he is also encouraged to generate the type of situation that is dreaded by his own attitude.

      14. Controls nutrition and hydration

      People under stress tend to cut down on food and drink or overeat. Both extremes can lead to increased levels of discomfort both physiologically and mentally, with an excess or deficit in the level of energy possessed by the body.

        15. Take your time to organize yourself

        A wedding doesn’t take a day to organize. Give yourself some time so that you can make all the preparations stress-free, to avoid doing everything at the last minute and in a hurry. And if necessary, the event can always be delayed.

        16. Spend time with loved ones, but set aside time for yourself

        Our loved ones can be a key point of support in dealing with nerves before marriage. Spend time with your partner, family, and friends, not to mention the wedding itself. However, from time to time it can be good to be alone and relax with a book, series or movie without anyone directly or indirectly reminding us of how close the moment is.

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