Relationship crisis: 7 signs that something is wrong

Relationship crises are one of the main headaches that appear in the dating life of many people.. Part of what makes them so harmful is that while their cause is sometimes clear, it’s also common for them to appear without further ado, in the complete absence of a specific reason.

Sometimes it seems like the mere passage of time leads to a deterioration in the quality of relationships, but the truth is, time alone neither strengthens nor weakens anything. To understand what couple crises are and how to deal with them, it is necessary to know what these daily relational dynamics are that nourish them. Detecting the signs of this type of love crisis is essential to react as quickly as possible.

    Signs of the couple’s crisis

    Below, we will see several signs of a relationship crisis that warn about the poor health of the emotional relationship.

    These situations do not always end with a romantic break-upBut we must not let them pass and open up new lines of communication and even go to couples therapy if necessary.

    1. You feel guilty about your partner’s enthusiasm

    This is one of the more subtle symptoms of a couple’s crisis because it is not something that happens in relationships, but it happens in the mind of one of the people who are in the relationship. . Basically, it’s an indicator that we perceive something that makes us feel bad about ourselves: if we are for that person, it’s simply because of inertia and fear of ending the relationship.

    paradoxically, is one of the more discreet signs of a relationship crisis, but in turn its effects are very profound. Improving the situation is very complicated, because at this point the problem is not so much that the way one person expresses love does not fit well with that of the other, nor that it has to do with it. with the incompatibility of habits. here the problem is that the decision has already been made that the relationship is a waste of time.

    2. What you are betting all on in the future

    There are times when it becomes obvious that there is certain friction in the relationship: just living together makes it very easy to argue, and some of those fights can end up telling.

    Faced with this scenario, many people who go through a relationship crisis take a totally passive attitude, in part because they find it very difficult to cope with the problem. So a very common thing is to show that the mere passage of time will fix it. The basic idea of ​​this strategy looks more or less like this: “We continue to invest time, money, and effort into the relationship, and that kind of sacrifice will, on its own, make it fixed.”

    Of course, this is a totally bogus strategy that only leads to frustration and the creation of distorted expectations. It is important to put an end to this way of thinking.

    3. Confidence is lost

    If you go back to the first few bars of your emotional relationships, you’ll probably find that you and your partner may have shared some untold secrets with us. You explained how you were feeling every moment, your past sorrows and your future aspirations. You have formed the perfect fit, you have been emotionally supported in a special and unique way.

    If the relationship deteriorates and there is a relationship crisis, this ability to communicate “heart to heart” may be affected. It begins a phase in which there is more and more suspicion when it comes to opening up to the other. It can be caused by small fights. Wounds of distrust are hard to heal, but not impossible … but they take time and effort on the part of both members of the couple.

    4. Stop doing joint activities

    Relationships are essentially that set of shared moments in which affection and intimacy are expressed. If the quantity of these moments decreases, the quality of the relationship also decreases.

    And it is that the simple fact of having lived a lot of things together in the past does not make the romantic relationship last. We must continue to update this accumulation of shared feelings and emotions through the new things that are experienced as a couple.

    5. Mistrust and jealousy appear

    Where there is jealousy there are vulnerable points. Romantic relationships are built on trust, among other things, which is why no matter how normalized they have been over the years, jealousy abounds. After all, a court or marriage that is only sustained by constant vigilance and paranoia, is in any case an imitation of a bond of love, but not a story worth living with positivity and constructive spirit. .

    6. Sex is less and less frequent

    This is not a symptom that must necessarily appear when we talk about a couple crisis … but it is more common for couples who have lost their passion and magic to go to couples therapy consultations..

    Why is this happening? During the phase of falling in love, hormones are out of control and intercourse is frequent and of high quality. At more advanced stages of the relationship, routine, stress or monotony can affect the quality and quantity of the sex we have … leading the situation to a vicious cycle in which the couple’s intimacy is lost, so that you can start thinking from a spiral of distance and little emotional connection.

    7. Empathy is lost

    This is one of the last stages: when the two members of the couple (or at least one of them) fail to put themselves in the other’s shoes, it is possible that the commitment and enthusiasm are definitely broken.

    If there is anything about emotional relationships, it is understanding each other’s weaknesses and needs. When that ceases to exist, it is very difficult for a couple to last as the relationship of trust and emotional support ceases to exist. Restoring harmony and healthy affection between the two members of the couple is the challenge faced by many couples who, despite the problems, wish to continue to share their life. At other times, distance and separation will be an opportunity to start all over again.

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