September divorces can be avoided with couples therapy

You don’t have to wait for seizures to go to a professional. If we notice that our relationship is slowly deteriorating, perhaps during these summer months, we will need to consider whether we can, want or need to devote our days off to couples therapy.

If you know coexistence can produce wear and tear, especially if you arrive at the vacation destination with accumulated stress through work and with certain internal tensions in the relationship. Everything can increase with the presence of young children, who need care, dedication and who need the days we have spent with them to the best of our ability. These are days to be with the family and this expectation of a happy and friendly environment weighs on us as well.

With these handicaps, who more and who less can be stifled in the summer. This increase in divorces in September is true, but it doesn’t happen by accident but as the couple members have been apart for some time, some or both parties are not happy with the couple’s situation and these days can be the stimulus to make the move. Therefore, before going out to the beach, in the mountains or embarking on a long tourist trip abroad, it is advisable to sit down and tackle the stressors that can arise during the days in family.

    Prevent divorce in September with couples therapy

    Coexistence and emotional well-being depend to a large extent on how one decides to cope with the obstacles presented to him. It is not that to travel or not to travel will change the situation or eliminate the conflicts that exist. Going on vacation during conflict comes with risks, but if the couple is able to talk about how they coped with the trip, negotiating and setting boundaries, they may come to enjoy the summer. However, this is not the solution to the current difficulties.

    This solution consists of attending couples therapy sessions, a process of strengthening the bond of love. which can also be counted in summer, if you choose to suspend the trip. The free time we have during this season is a great opportunity to count on the help of a neutral professional and to resolve the bad situation he is going through.

    Why is going to a couples therapy professional in the summer a good option? It should be noted that in case the holidays are short, we are often not able to log out and enjoy it, because it took us about 4 days to adjust to these new habits separate from the routine.

    In these early days, visiting places of tourist interest or sunbathing on the beach, prior stress can become a real obstacle to trying to truly immerse yourself in the vacation; we worry about not being on the lookout for work, looking at mail, or getting calls. We maintain a state of alert which it prevents us from focusing our attention on the present moment and our partner. And that can lead to a lot of frustration and discussion, if previous conflicts already existed.

    Another reason why it is advisable to undergo couples therapy during the holiday season, perhaps the most important, is the fact that in the summer we have more free time to go to therapy; the time in which we can invest work with psychological tools capable of advancing our romantic relationship.

    These tools help:

    • Create spaces for communication and empathetic connection that allow both members of the couple to express themselves freely and to make deals that benefit everyone.
    • Strengthen the bond that unites the couple emotionally, in communication and in coexistence.
    • Maintain good management of the schedule when there is time for the couple, for friends, for leisure, etc.
    • Know how to express emotions and make them clearly understood to the person who is with us.
    • Knowing how to manage all kinds of common conflicts in the daily life of the couple, and make constructive-based discussions.

    It is very important that you both are convinced of the importance of going to a neutral therapist.Otherwise, the business will go bankrupt.

      What role does the professional play in the process?

      The role of the professional is non-interference, neutrality. normally psychologists take the most effective steps to get both members of the relationship to acquire the following skills:

      • Communication skills and assertiveness techniques.
      • Predisposition to plan stimulating and interesting activities for both.
      • Communication skills and making agreements to distribute household chores.
      • Being able to see the positive aspects and the potential of the other.

      To improve coexistence on vacation …

      If you finally decide to go on vacation, take note of these tips that will help you eliminate tensions and improve coexistence:

      • Learn to take the time to do enjoyable activities for a couple, and not necessarily just on weekends.
      • Respect the fact that each member of the couple needs time to be alone or dedicated to their particular hobbies.
      • Get used to expressing positive appreciations on the other, and not only focused on the image but also on his actions and achievements.
      • Get involved in active listening, showing interest and involvement in what the other person has to say to us.
      • In discussions and conflicts that sometimes arise with a loved one, avoid being defensive and looking at the other’s perspective to find solutions and agreements.

      The opposite of what is expected can always happen, but in this case, for good. We can fall in love with our partner again, break the routine and rediscover the passion. In summer, sexual desire increases, and some exotic environments, coupled with the novelty of change, can help us regain excitement.

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