“Sindepi”: an ingenious feminine method to attract real men

Relationships are complex and having a serious relationship with someone is not just about physical attraction, but is constant negotiation, in which communication skills play a key role in maintaining stability and preventing that motivation or this feeling called love of losing strength over time.

Currently, in addition, interpersonal relationships can become superficial and interestedLargely because of the values ​​and culture associated with the capitalist system that reigns in many countries. Couples relationships have been commodified, and the aesthetic component and other interests are often the reason couples get together.

As Bauman said, “liquid love” is predominant in our society, a term he coined in reference to the fragility of emotional bonds.

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Love or interest?

This does not mean that there is no one who gives body and soul to their partner and that their value system makes them loyal, respectful, selfless, etc. However, there are also cases where this bond that unites the members of a romantic relationship is not deep but superficial.

And despite arguments, occasional conflicts and even major crises, which are normal in any interpersonal relationship, because each person has their own beliefs, opinions and needs, there are also couples who are together but who are not respected, no they rely on important decisions, they are only looking to have intimate relationships, there is no real interest in each other… and finally they have no project in common and will not even have it.

“Sindepi”: a way to find out if your partner wants you

The culture of images and aesthetics is very present nowadays, and this also has a great influence on our interpersonal relationships. As some Internet portals explain, the term “sindepi” refers to “without hair removal”, Specifically the genital area.

Nowadays, there is the fashion for “cut hair”, which particularly affects women (but also many men). In the case of some women, it even affects their sexual self-esteem. In fact, as a man, I can say that some women preferred not to get more intimate with me because they are unshaven. And it’s not that I imagined it, it literally told me.

Especially in the case of young people, how important is physical appearance in a relationship? Are we really leaving someone to not wax? If love is liquid and the other doesn’t care about us at all, it might be, but if love is deep it is the least of it.

Self-esteem issue

However, considering the example above, this fact worries the person who goes without hair removal more than the other individual, and it makes us think about how image cultivation affects our lives and what. ‘she makes us feel. right to put it that way.

These types of first world issues cause discomfort and do not allow us to have healthy relationships with others. In reality, this way of thinking is dysfunctional and can be the start of many other psychological problems associated with image culture.

When we do not accept our body as it is, then we are exposed to issues such as low self-esteem or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which you can learn in depth in our article: “Body Dysmorphic Disorder: causes, symptoms and treatment ”.

Critique of “sindepi”: the importance of accepting our body

Concern for physical appearance is common today given the influence of the culture of the image in which we live immersed. But when this preoccupation becomes too big a part of our life, it can lead us to engage in self-destructive behaviors, to feel embarrassed, anxious and to avoid the situations that generate this anxiety and discomfort.

Acceptance, not only of our body but of our life in general, is the key to enjoying greater mental well-being. and the emotional balance necessary to be happy.

Accepting ourselves, treating ourselves with affection, and recognizing that we are worthy and worthy of being loved and respected although not perfect may seem easy in theory; however, in practice this is not the case. That is why, in our article “Accepting Yourself: 5 Psychological Tips to Achieve It”, we give you some recommendations so that you can achieve it.

How do you know if your partner wants you?

Leaving the above concept aside, there are a number of signs that can indicate whether our partner wants us or is with us out of interest. But what are these signs?

Your partner wants you if …

  • It matches the love he says he feels and proves it to you.
  • Intimate relationships aren’t the only reason he’s with you.
  • It does not damage your dignity.
  • Consider your opinion.
  • You are their priority and you have a common vision of the path you want to take as a couple.
  • He feels happy about your successes and your success.
  • He does things for you even if he doesn’t like them (as long as you do them for him too).
  • He trusts you and respects you.

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