The 10 most unfaithful countries in the world

My friend Joan, a pretty good looking guy, he approached a girl who kept staring at him in a bar where we were tapas, And asked her if she had a boyfriend. She, looking him in the eye, said, “Yeah, but I’m not a fan of that.”

Contrary to what some may think, millions of people around the world are and have been unfaithful. Infidelity has traditionally been viewed as anti-human behavior, something that only bad people do, those who have no heart. Adultery is generally regarded as the exception. But is this really the case?

According to a survey by “The Richest”, there are more infidelities than many people imagine. In addition, the website revealed the 10 most unfaithful countries in the world.

Infidelity is considered the greatest betrayal among members of the couple

We all have an idea in our heads of what infidelity is because it’s such a common topic, especially today. In reality, infidelity is considered one of the biggest betrayals among couple members, And few marriages which, once committed adultery, manage to overcome it.

Infidelity is a forbidden thing, and although it is more and more accepted, most people claim that they would not be unfaithful because they know that they would not like to suffer in their flesh. Yet on many occasions they can become so. When they commit the act of infidelity, they usually justify themselves by saying that the fault lies with the other member of the couple (this is called cognitive dissonance). This is because bearing the brunt of being unfaithful (thinking infidelity is to bad people) can cause a lot of suffering.

Infidelity is viewed differently by men and women

But are there differences in the perception of infidelity between men and women? Well, it seems so. At least that’s the conclusion of a study conducted by the University of Kansas in which 475 subjects participated. In the survey, men only consider infidelity when there is sex. On the other hand, women only consider her infidelity when there is an emotional desire.

Outraged, 90% of women considered a kiss to be an act of adultery. In contrast, only 75% of men considered a kiss to be infidelity. When it comes to “sexting” with other people outside of the relationship, that is, sending hot messages over the phone, only 51% of men consider it to be infidelity, while 68% of women said this act was part of infidelity.

The workplace is the best place to commit infidelity

As for the preferred place to commit infidelity, the contact manager Ashley Madison, Who collected data from 170,000 US users, says 68 percent of infidelities take place in the workplace. Additionally, another investigation, this time from Harvard University, concluded that Wednesday afternoons are the time of the week when more sexual adventures with lovers take place.

The 10 most unfaithful countries

The Richest website conducted a study to find out which countries are the most unfaithful. That’s why they used data from Durex surveys and different pages to build links. You can see below the list of the 10 most unfaithful countries in the world:

10. Finland: 36%

Instead number 10 is Finland. In this politically correct country, infidelities are not so frowned upon and are seen as “side relationships”. A survey found that one in five men had sex with at least 10 women, seven times more than women.

9. United Kingdom: 36%

British gentlemen are not traditionally known as infidels. But that may have changed. In fact, the Ashley Madison website, which helps cheaters find their extramarital friends, at least 1 million Britons are interested in showing off their partners.

8. Spain: 39%

This Mediterranean country is associated with passionate romances, so it is strange that Spain is not higher on the list. But it is possible that the traditional mentality is the cause that in the land of tapas and flamenco, infidelity is still a taboo subject.

7. Belgium: 40%

According to the magazine New Europe, the Belgian page “Gleeden”, of extramarital affairs, already has 1.1 million subscribers. So Director Chantal Bauwens explains that being unfaithful is no longer taboo in this country.

6. Norway: 41%

According to the “Victoria Milan” extramarital dating page, citizens of this Scandinavian country tend to use their website less during the winter months. On the other hand, when spring arrives and the temperature rises, the same goes for the promiscuity of Norwegians.

5. France: 43%

The citizens of the French Republic are known to be open-minded when it comes to romance. Although Paris is the city of love, infidelity does not seem to be frowned upon, as only 28% of its citizens regret having committed an infidelity.

4. Germany: 45%

It may seem strange that the Germans are more unfaithful than the French, but it seems the Teutons are defeated, albeit by a narrow margin. The inclusion of Central Europeans in the top 4 may come as a surprise considering the stereotype that Germans are strict and very rational people.

3. Italy: 45%

Italians have a reputation for flirting. In reality, Giacomo Casanova he is the quintessential seducer and was famous for having slept with hundreds of women … and yes, he was Italian. Will infidelity be in the genes of Italian citizens? Maybe not, but Italian culture has placed this country in third place on the list. It should not be forgotten that Silvio Berlusconi is also Italian … and no one has forgotten the impressive parties that took place in his private chalets. Rising parties where alcohol and company were not uncommon.

2. Denmark: 46%

Another Scandinavian country in the top 10 most unfaithful countries in the world. The data shows that a third of the inhabitants of Copenhagen put their horns on their partners.

1. Thailand: 56%

Anyone who has been in Thailand it can attest to the sexual uncontrollability that exists in this Asian country. In fact, 56% of its citizens claim to have been unfaithful. Besides its beaches, gastronomy and festivals, Thailand is also famous for its prostitutes and Kamagra.

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