The 14 types of marriages that exist (and their characteristics)

Marriage represents the union between two people which is regulated by law, but you will be surprised at how many types there are.

The ideal state of being human is to be accompanied and to have the company of a couple makes life much easier, entertaining and fun (although, of course, there are exceptions), but in In general, living as a couple is a fairy tale for everyone. After all, every love story ends with the same result, a beautiful marriage and the promise of “together forever.”

    But, Did you know that there are different types of marriage in the world? Of course, you’ve heard a few, but in this article we’ll talk about some that might surprise you.

    What is marriage?

    When two people come together, this is usually done under the figure of marriage, the meaning is derived from the expression “matris munium”, which comes from two Latin words: “Matris”, the meaning is mother and “Munium” that ‘ it translates congestion or remedy. Which, by uniting them, means “care of the mother by the husband or the father”.

    This is due to the fact that the mother was considered to carry the education and upbringing of her children on her shoulders.. There is also another version which states that the marriage comes from the “matreum muniens”, which expresses the defense and protection of the mother and the father’s obligation to her and the children. Marriage is considered the fundamental basis of society and is a custom that legally formalizes the union of a couple.

    Marriage story

    Since the creation of the world, the couple has been present in the history of mankind. The Bible has already told us that God put Adam to sleep and lifted the woman off his rib to be his mate (Eve). Over the years, the definition of marriage was very different depending on the culture, for example, the Egyptians regarded both members of the couple as important and primary, while the Greeks distinguished between a man and a woman.

    On the other hand, the Sumerians saw marriage as a contract between the father or guardian of the woman and the man who would marry, who could give in the end when he deemed it appropriate and without any permission. Jews practice polygamy, as evidenced by the scriptures of the prophet Abraham, Sarah, and their concubine Hagar (an example Mormons use to practice polygamy).

    The Romans had two ways of looking at marriage, one of them was inviting neighbors to a party and stealing from girls, this was called pampering, a tradition practiced today by gypsies. The other form was marriage by coemptio or reciprocal purchase, where the two spouses pretended to buy each other with gifts, very traditional among plebians, who married for love and not for paternal obligation.

    At the end of antiquity, the medieval Catholic Church took control of ethics and good manners, where it began to establish marriage as an egalitarian union before God, but not before the law of man. . Monogamy is imposed as the only legal union, consanguineous marriage is prohibited and marriage is declared indissoluble.

    Currently, societies are constantly changing and this leads to seeing marriage in different waysLiving with a partner and having children is a fundamental part of many people, but without resorting to traditional marriage.

    Type of marriage that exists

    Since you knew its origin, now discover all the types of marriage that are still in effect today, And the characteristics of each.

    1. Religious marriage

    It varies according to the beliefs of each religion professed by the bride and groom. In this sense, the Catholic religion sees marriage as a union blessed by God, which is indissoluble and only ends with the death of one of the spouses, it does not accept same-sex marriage.

    To marry in the Catholic Church, entrepreneurs must be baptized, confirmed, and received their First Communion, while the ceremony is performed by the priest of the chosen church.

    Jews see marriage as a complement and this is how human beings fit in. For those who practice Islam, marital union is a contract made between families. While for Buddhism, it is only a legal requirement which is neither prohibited nor compulsory.

    2. Civil marriages

    It is this union which is formalized before the laws of each country and which does not follow a religious rite.But don’t rule out religious marriage, in many cultures both types of marriage occur simultaneously. The couple must be of age or have the authorization of parents, representatives or guardians, if they are minors.

    They must not have been previously married, in the event of divorce and / or widowhood, present the divorce decree and / or the death certificate respectively.

    3. Equal marriage

    Also called gay or gay marriageIt is the legal union between two people of the same sex. In many countries this marriage is not legal, while others like Spain recognize this union with all the privileges of a traditional marriage.

    4. Marriage process

    The trial marriage or trimoni is this union that occurs between three people, Whether it is two men and a woman, two women and a man, three women or three men. It does not refer to the union of one person with two others in different ceremonies, but the trio come together on the basis of love and the desire to live under the laws of marriage.

    This type of marriage is illegal in many countries, but there are others where no law prohibits it.

    5. De facto couple

    It is a free union between two people, whether or not they are of the same sex.. It is not considered a legal union because it is not subject to any law. Although both people have the same obligations, duties and rights as married spouses under the figure of civil marriage.

    6. Child marriage

    This is the one that takes place when one of the entrepreneurs is a minorUsually, this type of marriage occurs between a girl and a man older than her. It is considered a forced marriage and although it is repudiated by the United Nations, in many countries like India this union is very common.

    7. Arranged marriage

    It is a type of wedding typical of countries like Asia, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Latin America., When a third person, usually the parents, chooses the spouses. The bride and groom have the power to accept or not the union.

    8. Kidnapping marriages

    Also called bride kidnapping, it is a very common practice given throughout history, where a man kidnaps or kidnaps a woman to join her against her will.

    It is a fact very repudiated by the laws and the organizations because the women are subjected to physical and sexual violence, in addition to presenting unintended pregnancies. Cultures that support this kind of union still exist and are common in countries of Central Asia, Africa, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Amazon rainforest of South America.

    9. Polygamy

    It is a rare type of marriage, although some religions support it. it consists of the union of a man with several womenBut there is also the union of a woman with several men and this is called polyandry, although it is very rare.

    In most countries, this is an illegal union and the husband is considered a bigamist, which is punishable by law. In some states of the United States, this union is permitted.

    10. Consanguinity

    Endogamous marriage is that type of union where the contracting parties belong to the same family., Whether first or second degree parents. It can also refer to the union of individuals belonging to the same ethnic, religious or lineage group and is intended to prevent other individuals from belonging to the group.

    11. Forced marriage

    If it is a type of marriage in which one of the parties (especially women) is forced (usually by their parents) to marry a man they do not want, this union respects human rights and is considered a form of slavery. Today it still exists in many parts of Asia and Africa.

    12. White wedding

    it is considered fraud and has serious legal consequences, Is a commodity union in which one or two spouses enjoy an economic or legal advantage. There is no sexual relationship between them (hence the name) or feelings, in most cases one of the couple receives financial compensation to facilitate the scam.

    13. Marriage Levirate

    This is the compulsory union of a widowed woman who has not had children., With a brother of the late husband to generate offspring and perpetuate the family, in many villages today, this type of marriage is very common. In case this is the man I became widowed, he marries a sister of his deceased wife and this union is known as sororal marriage.

    14. Weddings in extremis

    Also called marriage because of death, it is carried out when a contractor is about to dieIn this case, the law does not take into account certain formalities which, under normal circumstances, are compulsory.

    Each religion has its own ideas and protocols that define marriage, in the same way the laws of each country vary to give validity to the marital union.

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