The 6 Best Online Masters in Couples Therapy

Currently, the field of sex and couple therapy offers many professional possibilities for recently graduated psychologists or educators, and in general for any other professional who wishes to study a master’s degree specializing in this type of intervention.

Online training is becoming more and more popular around the world because of the benefits and accessibility it offers, and this case is no exception, but you have to know how to choose. Here you will find a series of recommendations for online couples therapy masters taught by teachers and psychology professionals with extensive experience.

    The best online masters for couples therapy training

    If you would like to know which Online Couples Therapy Master degree best suits your prospects, in the selection you will find all the information you need to make your choice.

    1.Master in sexology and couple therapy (Institut du couple)

    • Center: Institute of the couple
    • Location: Murcia
    • Duration: 1 lesson
    • Price: 2250 euros.

    The Master in Sexology and Couple Therapy offered by the Couple Institute of Murcia, is one of the best options that can be found in this subject both for the quality of its content and for the possibilities offered by the practical part. , based on case studies and participation in actual therapy sessions.

    The Master is led by Anna Isabel Wiitke, Director of the Couple Institute, and by a team of teachers exceptionally trained in sexology and couple therapy, both from the point of view of behavioral sciences and from the point of view of physical health professionals. .

    the master it can be taken face-to-face, semi-face-to-face or online and is divided into two distinct parts; the first addresses the question of sexology at the conceptual, biological and pathological level; and the second part correctly focuses on couples therapy: theory, assessment and intervention.

    To see more information about the Master in Sexology and Couple Therapy from the Couple Institute of Murcia, access their contact details on this page.

    On the other hand, another training and specialization proposal that could be of interest to health and education professionals is the Master in sexology, promotion of sexual and couple health, Also recently launched by the Couple Institute. This option offers the possibility of supplementing theoretical and practical knowledge of sexual and couple health and well-being with communication skills and techniques to be applied in broadcasting practices on the radio, in the written press, etc.

    2. Master in Sexual and Couple Therapy

    • Center: University of Barcelona
    • Location: Barcelona
    • Duration: Restructuring
    • Price: 1100 euros

    The University of Barcelona also offers a Master in Sexual and Couple Therapy led by professional experts in the field. The aim is for students to acquire theoretical and practical training in diagnosis and clinical intervention in the sexual and couple field. with a multidisciplinary and integrative approach.

    The Online Master in Sexual and Couple Therapy at the University of Barcelona consists of two main blocks, the first, which addresses intervention techniques and strategies in therapy and the second, based on training in the role of sex therapist. and as a couple. . The master has a total of 15 ECTS credits and has 14 places.

    3.Master in clinical sexology and couple therapy

    • Center: European Institute for Business Studies
    • Location: –
    • Duration: 12 months
    • Price: 1595 euros.

    The European Institute of Business Studies offers a Master in Sexology and Couple Therapy which aims to provide students with all the theoretical and practical knowledge to professionalize in this area of ​​intervention with patients.

    Therefore, anyone who follows this Master will learn, from a biopsychosocial perspective, to intervene in these maladaptive processes of the relationship in the couple and also in sexual activity.

    4.Master in sexology and couple therapy

    • Center: Distance University of Madrid
    • Location: –
    • Duration: 1 year
    • Price: 3990 euros

    Distance University of Madrid’s Master in Sexology and Couples Therapy is also one of the most comprehensive for those looking for the best online master’s degrees in couple therapy. It has its own format, which condenses in one academic year the essential program for the student to acquire all the necessary knowledge in the field of therapeutic intervention with couples.

    Thus, the Master has the online modality and consists of 60 credits. As for the program, it is divided into three theoretical and practical modules which are, first of all, the “Basic principles of sexual evaluation and intervention”; in the second, that of “Intervention in the problems of the couple” and the last of “Programs of Health and Sexual Education in special populations”.

    5. Master of Expert in couple therapy

    • Center: Esneca Business School
    • Location Madrid / Lleida
    • Duration: 600 hours
    • Price: 595 euros

    The Expert Master in Couple Therapy from Esneca Business School can also be taken online. Anyone who follows this professionalization program will have an expert vision in couples therapy, which translates into the treatment of all these elements related to dysfunctions in the romantic relationship and all the problems that may be encountered there.

    The Master has two clearly differentiated programs: the first, entitled “The psychologist as family mediator”, emphasizes the practice of professional mediation and all the elements which are related to it; and the second is the “Intervention Program for Couples Therapy Psychologists”, in which the student is trained in everything there is to know about couples therapy and intervention in this area.

    6. Graduate Studies in Sexual and Couple Therapy

    • Center: Higher Institute of Higher Psychological Studies
    • Location: Barcelona / Madrid / Valencia

    The postgraduate course in Sexual and Couple Therapy at the Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos is particularly suitable for those looking for quality training in the field of couples therapy through the online modality. This postgraduate course is also characterized by a quality theoretical part and a practical part adapted to the characteristics and availability of the student.

    These graduate students specialize in evaluation, diagnosis and intervention of marital problems both in the field of clinical psychology and in disorders which specifically correspond to sex therapy.

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