The 9 benefits of kisses (according to science)

Kissing, along with hugging and hugging, are acts of love, acts that, when we get them from the person we want, don’t make them feel very good. Kissing produces pleasurable sensations and can take your breath away or goosebumps. These are messages from the heart, and they are more sincere and profound than words. Kisses are unique experiences and can become unforgettable.

There are different types of kisses, from the most romantic or passionate to the most affectionate and warm.

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Benefits of kisses

In this article you can find the nine benefits of kissing and why they are so important to us and to our physical, emotional and psychological health.

1. They help the species survive

Not only are kisses nice, but they can have adaptive function. This is why experts in evolutionary psychology claim that we are biologically programmed to kiss each other, because displays of affection can be essential to the survival of the human species.

Additionally, according to Sheril Kirshenbaum, of the University of Texas and author of The Science of Kissing, “Kissing produces chemical reactions in our brain that mobilize our body. There is an exchange of saliva in which male testosterone acts as an aphrodisiac in women. ”We all know the importance of procreation so that the human species does not disappear, and certainly kissing and sex are closely linked.

2. Tighten the ties

Human beings are social beings and kisses have the power to hold us together. We hug those people we love, like it’s an out of control impulse. We hugged our kids whenever we could, giving them the message of everything we love and how important they are to us, and we also hugged our partner because something inside of us is pushing us to do it.

While it is true that on many occasions we have kissed strangers to introduce ourselves and to show ourselves as polite people, love makes us want to kiss each other, and when we kiss we release hormones. like oxytocin, which are linked to affection and trust.

3. Reduces blood pressure

Bbeing is not only good for the heart of love, but also for your vital organ. According to Andrea Demirjian, author of the book Kisses: Everything you ever wanted to know about one of life’s sweetest pleasures. “Kissing is an intimate experience with remarkable health benefits. A passionate kiss increases the heart rate in a healthy way and helps lower blood pressure.”

In addition, the expert notes that “the kisses dilate the blood vessels, the blood flows smoothly and firmly, and reaches all your vital organs”.

4. Reduces pain

Some studies claim that kissing has an analgesic effect and reduces different types of pain: Headaches, back pain, menstrual cramps … After a hard day’s work, you can come home tired and sore throat after a day at the office. However, when you get home, the couple’s kisses can have a positive effect on the person, making them feel good.

Experts claim that kissing and being kissed releases certain opioid substances such as endorphins, which help us feel better and are linked to feelings of pleasure. In other words, a good kiss could act like morphine but without its side effects. There is no better medicine than a good kiss.

    5. Reduces stress

    Stress is one of today’s great ailmentsBut kissing seems to have a positive effect on this phenomenon, which helps to greatly improve the well-being of people. The cause appears to be that kissing reduces the hormone cortisol, which is linked to stress.

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    6. Help refine your search for partners

    One curious study is the one conducted by psychologist Gordon Gallup of the University of Albany, with Susan Hughes and Marissa Harrison, and titled “The Psychobiology of the Romantic Kiss”.

    According to the results of this research, the exchange of saliva that occurs during a kiss would provide genetic information that would help identify potential mates for correct reproduction, as this would allow the exchange of information and assess whether there is a degree of genetic compatibility between the two people and whether this relationship is worth it. A controversial study that seems to forget the social factors associated with finding a mate, and will need to be replicated to find out in more detail if these results are repeated.

    7. Improves sexual intercourse

    Kissing is an important part of sex and there is no doubt that they enhance the intimate experience.. According to a study from the University of Albany, women have the urge to kiss before and after sex, while men are more likely to have sex without the mediation of a kiss. Far from these results, it is clear that the kiss intensifies the sensations and makes the sexual encounter much better.

    8. Improves the immune system

    Kissing improves the immune system according to different studies. One of them seems to indicate that kissing, in the case of women, helps protect against cytomegalovirus which could cause infant blindness or other birth defects during pregnancy when contracted through the mouth. Outraged, some studies claim that the exchange of saliva germs could improve a person’s immune system against these same germs.

    However, kissing can be a source of infection for certain illnesses like mononucleosis, so we should always prevent it when we are intimate with someone.

    9. It helps you feel better

    Like I said, kissing helps release endorphins, hormones related to well-being and pleasure. It also releases other neurochemicals such as serotonin (low levels of this neurotransmitter is linked to depression) or dopamine, neurochemicals linked to happiness and repeated behaviors. The kiss activates the brain region linked to drug consumption: strengthening zone.

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