The Benefits of Online Psychology Applied to Relationship Problems

Online Psychology is a new way to provide psychological therapy to those who need it, in the privacy, comfort and tranquility of their home or office.

This is a new approach in the field of psychological therapy and still unknown to many people, so it is common for some doubts to arise about this new practice of psychology.

Online therapy sessions are more functional if conducted by video conference, although they can also be combined with the use of chat and voice. In the case of a video call, the patient will be able to opt for a videoconference only with sound, without going in camera, being the most important that the session is in real time. Moreover, online psychology differs only from face to face in the medium or channel of communication of the psychotherapist with his patient.

In this article we will know the benefits of online psychological therapies used to resolve partner issues.

    What do we do in couples therapy?

    Conflict between a couple is very common in the world, so psychologists are used to dealing with these issues frequently. In fact, it is rare that you never encounter difficulties during a love affair, they can always present setbacks in a romantic relationship.

    Problems in a relationship can arise for a myriad of reasons, because everyone is different. There are factors that influence the onset of conflict in a couple; among these conflicts we can cite communication problems, personality type, infidelity, jealousy, lack of time alone, different beliefs, etc.

    When discussions with partners are frequent, they cause a detrimental attrition effect. In these cases, the couple must learn to deal with their conflicts properly, and therapy provides an opportunity to rectify their negative thoughts against each other, renew their emotional bond and strengthen the friendship.

    How does a couple in conflict get help from an online psychologist?

    Let’s see what are the benefits of online couples therapy.

    1. The couple will improve their communication problems

    This can be a major factor in resolving disputes in a couple; this lack of communication generates conflicts which can be resolved effectively with the help of an online psychologist.

    2. It helps to find a balance

    One benefit of online therapy for the couple is the help it is given to focus on balancing the wants, needs and conflicts experienced by each member that makes up the relationship. In this way, reproaches are minimized and conflicts avoided.

    3. The couple comfortably receives their therapy in a “family” space

    It’s a fact; people feel much freer, they show themselves to be uninhibited and facilitates a high level of sincerity with your therapist.

    4. It helps to make better use of time

    The couple avoids the moment of being transferred to their therapist’s office for help.

    5. Provides wide accessibility

    This type of therapy can be used by people who, due to a particular circumstance in their life, suffer from a disability problem, or who, due to their lifestyle, do not find it easy to move to receive conventional face-to-face therapy. .

      6. The cost can be lower

      Another relevant contribution of online psychology is the cost factor of therapy; this one represents considerable savings. The couple, at the very least, will save the cost of moving to the care center.

      7. Schedule flexibility

      Without a doubt, a significant contribution of couples’ online therapy is the flexibility of their schedule. The session can be guided by the availability of schedules for both members of the relationship.

      Currently, each person in conflict with his partner maintains a work schedule to which he must comply, which represents delays in the effectiveness of the follow-up of his therapies; for this reason, online therapy makes it very easy to receive your session depending on your time arrangement, to ensure that everyone takes responsibility without having to explain the hours of absence.

      8. Anonymity

      In online couples therapy, anonymity will always be higher. The members of the couple do not see the need to expose themselves in a waiting room, nor to interact with the assistant of the psychotherapist, because their treatment will be done directly with the psychologist online.


      For all this we can say that online psychology gives couples in conflict the opportunity to increase their happiness and satisfaction live as a married couple. You learn to overcome communication problems and avoid confrontations that cause constant arguments.

      In short, the greatest contribution of online psychology to the problems of couples is to encourage them to feel united again, to improve their happiness and well-being. It can help you rediscover those feelings that once brought them together.

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