These are the couples in which there is no jealousy

Traditionally, both in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries, it has been taken for granted a relationship means, among other things, feeling jealousy when potential competitors walk close to your loved one. Everything happens as if, by definition, love consisted in reserving the other for oneself, actively and, if necessary, through aggressive attitudes.

In fact, jealousy is highly regarded by many people. They are seen as a sign of passion, which clearly shows that we value the other person very much and do not risk losing them. From this perspective, not feeling jealousy in a relationship would be something like a sign that we don’t deserve to have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband.

However, that is about to change. They are becoming more and more common relationships that claim to be free from jealousy.

    Characteristics of a relationship without jealousy

    There are many elements that distinguish which couples choose to limit themselves to enjoying the company of the unsuspecting other. In fact, something as simple as letting go of brand jealousy a before and an after in any court or marriage.

    It is an attitude that manifests itself clearly through different facets of life, because, while it does not seem romantic, love as it is generally understood can usually be achieved. lead to states of paranoia that prevent them from truly enjoying this emotional bond.

    Below you can see what are the typical traits of couples in which no jealousy is involved.

    1. The control of the other shines through in his absence

    This is probably the main characteristic of this type of love story. In them, simply it is not okay to try to control the other person, Organize your schedule or impose obligations on the way you interact with others.

    Instead of trying to control the other, it is assumed that the relationship is based on symmetry and the absence of the power of imposition. It is true that there are a number of expectations and rules of coexistence, but that does not mean that tyrannical control or almost police surveillance should be exercised for fear of what might happen.

    This is why these couples don’t blame each other for actions which, only if we become very pessimistic, could be an unclear indication of betrayal. Extraordinary charges require extraordinary evidence.

      2. They quietly enjoy independence at leisure

      These couples clearly know that there are many hobbies, interests, and hobbies that they don’t have to be shared. In fact, human beings are complex enough that it is quite strange that two people are motivated to always do the same things at the same time … even if they are in a relationship.

      3. A few moments of intimacy are reserved

      Everyone needs time to be alone, even the most outgoing. The most jealous people, in this type of situation, they may come to believe ideas bordering on deliriumFor example, assuming that every time your partner goes to a park or goes to read in the room, he is actually going to relate to “competitors”.

        3. They enjoy mutual trust

        It’s not the same to be in a relationship knowing that the glue that held it together are self-imposed standards, doing so for the purpose of being the emotional bond in itself, and nothing more.

        Live with authenticity at all times it makes dating a lot more rewarding, And this is immediately noticeable. And that’s why relationships without jealousy are more likely to result in moments of happiness.

        4. They accumulate less stress

        It makes sense that relationships in which jealousy is notorious moments of paranoia abound.

        This, of course, raises the stress, because there is always cause for worry; after all, the times when theoretically, the other person could betray us they appear all the time. This is especially true as everyone uses the internet and smartphones to interact with all kinds of people.

          5. They enjoy a longer social life

          There is a life beyond the couple. However, many relationships built on jealousy and stereotypes and gender roles come together. Because? Because the value of exclusivity is so strong in him that he is far above the rest of friendships. It is understood that the normal thing, the situation that occurs by default, is to be together and isolated from the rest.

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