True love should meet these 40 requirements

Love is one of the great things in this life, something worth living.

And although psychologists, sociologists and physicians have tried to understand human behavior in relation to this phenomenon, we all know how good it feels and how true love is able to completely change our lives. No one will hesitate to say that it is one of the most extraordinary sensations that we can enjoy.

    What does science say about love?

    And of course, since love is capable of making us cross the ocean in search of the person we love, researchers have tried to bring scientific knowledge to it, aware of the great interest aroused by this subject.

    You are probably wondering, What did they conclude in their studies? In short, science has found results as curious as these:

    • Love is like a drug
    • The Christmas season produces many divorces
    • The small details are the most important
    • Love movies are a good therapeutic strategy
    • Social networks are the most common cause of divorce
    • Distance is no obstacle in love
    • Couple discussions get bigger

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    Difference between love and falling in love

    Although falling in love and falling in love seems synonymous, the reality is that they are different things.. Love, in this case romantic love, is something more lasting than falling in love, which is usually the start of romantic love. Falling in love is a series of chemical reactions that take place in the brain, which is what makes you feel on the rise and make you feel like a monkey to someone when you are not with that person.

    Falling in love usually lasts around two years, which is when the brain returns to normal. Falling in love is generally irrational and can give way to mature love.

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    Mature love: rational love

    For the relationship to last, the intense feeling of love is not enough. A number of characteristics must be given in order for the relationship to progress. Respect, communication and even learning from the past will make a relationship successful or not. So, in order for love to be successful, you also need to learn how to make the relationship work. This is called mature love.

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    Characteristics of true love

    But what are the characteristics of true love? What are the conditions for lasting love? Below is a list of 40 singularities of genuine love:

    1. It is unconditional love and therefore is based on accepting the other person, both in their past and in their present.
    2. It is reciprocal because it forces both members of the couple to feel the same.
    3. He is generous. The person cares about giving and gives their whole heart.
    4. It’s healthy, that is, it’s not asymmetric or dependent love. Each person has their own autonomy.
    5. It does not make you suffer, that is, it is not toxic love and it does not hurt. You feel lucky.
    6. It lasts forever. It may go through tough times, but its intensity lasts forever.
    7. He is respectful and the two people he loves are treated with tolerance and care.
    8. This causes a deep emotional connection that keeps the relationship alive despite any bad times that may arise.
    9. He is courageous and doubts are overcome with courage. The first is the other person.
    10. It’s intense. The feeling is not only deep, but its intensity causes emotions of great magnitude.
    11. It is built over time. True love is gaining ground over the years.
    12. He thrives on compassion and is therefore tender and selfless.
    13. It encourages negotiation and dialogue, as each member of the couple does their part to understand the needs of the other.
    14. We are ourselves and this is one of the keys. When we love ourselves, we can love others.
    15. This person makes you laugh and makes you feel good.
    16. It’s free and unbound. Nobody imposes.
    17. This allows communication and both people do their part to understand.
    18. He knows how to listen to what the other needs and what both need.
    19. The two people complement and support each other.
    20. He does not judge and is realistic.
    21. It’s romantic and keeps the flame alive over time. Do your part to make it happen.
    22. He is a shopkeeper and shows the members of the couple their love.
    23. He is passionate and they maintain an intimate contact.
    24. It’s not about finding yourself in the other person or depending.
    25. You have to love yourself first to love others.
    26. It’s natural and things happen without forcing them.
    27. To give it, you must receive it. It is a love that gives.
    28. It’s a friendship with erotic moments. The two members are very good friends and share great moments.
    29. It is commitment, sincerity and honesty.
    30. It has no limits, because true love can with everything.
    31. The distance doesn’t matter. People who want to meet.
    32. It has common goals and both members are on the same path.
    33. Overcome the ups and downs that may arise and there are no conditions.
    34. There are no casualties because the members have enough trust and respect.
    35. You have to live it and not let the time pass.
    36. It makes you sleepy when you’re not with the person you love.
    37. He wants you as you are and not as he wants you to be.
    38. Sorry quickly, no matter how big the error is.
    39. He is your best support and is the person who is by your side through good times and bad.
    40. You have to get there. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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