Types of seducers: which of these 10 seductive archetypes are you?

Why do people with such different personalities bond? What characteristics should a good seducer have? What can attract you about your personality? Are you charismatic and don’t you know it?

Type of seducer: Who do you feel most identified with?

In The Art of Seduction, the psychologist Robert greene describes up to nine attractive archetypes. Or ten types of seducer, if we consider the figure of the anti-seducer. In this comprehensive book you will find a historical and psychological analysis of the great personalities of humanity.

It is not enough to know techniques or stratagems to attract and be a great seducer. Sometimes knowing yourself is the key to knowing your strengths and how they can work in your favor. We can all be great seducers, it is enough to find this inner light which animates our charisma and makes us gain confidence and self-esteem. as he says Oscar wilde, One of the most prominent seducers in history, “loving yourself is the start of an adventure of a lifetime”.

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Then, we will discover you in the 9 (plus 1) archetypes of seduction to start this journey towards self-knowledge and personal development.

1. The mermaid

Inaccessible, divine, charming. There is only one in a group of friends. He is near and at the same time distant. She is the muse of poets, the girl who makes leaders lose their heads. Robert Greene notes that Cleopatra she was one of them. We are going to detect 1 Mermaid for her gestures, her delicacy, her way of dressing very close to that of the goddesses.

2. The libertine

Closely associated with the figure of the “mackerel”, he has unique experiences. Among the different types of seducers, the hard type never goes out of fashion. Transgressive and confident, he knows that his charm is born from the most basic instincts. Live to the limit, skipping all the rules to get adrenaline flowing through your body. If he has to kiss, kiss him safely. If he has to look at you, he goes deeper into you. He is capable of making you commit all the madness that you cannot imagine because nothing can happen to him next to you.

3. The ideal lover

Expert in illusionism; everything in him is artifice. Create perfect, seamless romances. It makes women feel comfortable and wanted. Everything is there a function written to seduce the most demanding ladies. He masters the context, he knows how to speak, but above all he knows how to listen. Everything is perfect because it makes it perfect. If he invites you to dinner, he will delight you with his best cooking skills; if he invites you to walk, he will choose the best landscape, the best landscape.

4. The Dandy

Unclassifiable, androgynous, elegant, ironic … like the Libertine, she will make you feel free. He is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable seducers. Play with masculinity and femininity. You will never be able to define it because when you think of something, it has already changed. They use their physical appearance to suggest, like the mermaid. He has a perfect mastery of social skills like the Ideal Lover, but when you try to rank him he disappears. If you are trying to be confused … Robert Greene says that Rudolph valentino he was one of the most important Dandies.

5. The Candide

He is a naive and playful child. The company failed to tame. Mozart was one of them. This makes the difficult seem easy. For him, everything seems to be a game. The candid possesses the harmless charm of babies and the subversive gifts of the wall. He has a magnetic unconsciousness. It is impossible to get angry with him because he has no meanness.

6. La Coqueta

This archetype is attributed to girls but there can also be clowns. When you go She returns. Cancel appointments. He appears at the most unexpected moment. He always shows up late for his dates if he hasn’t decided to screw you up. The more attention you get, the less you want. If you pursue her, you are lost. If you try to ignore it, you will despair.

7. The charmer

the seduction without sex. He will give you what you want without asking for anything in return. It will flatter you and make you feel comfortable. Master the context and you will feel that around you can be calm. He won’t do or say anything that gets you in the spotlight. He doesn’t seem to care about sex, you don’t distrust him. They present themselves as friends; they understand you, they listen to you, they help you, they know how to advise and how to please. All this stratagem will serve to make you appreciate and ask yourself a question: do you love or not? Sometimes it will seem yes and sometimes it will seem like you are just friends. But the truth is, if you ask yourself this question, you will have already fallen in their nets.

8. The charismatic

It is the center of attention. Everyone wants to be close to him because he is ten laughter and fun. No one is bored around him. It is easy to spot because at parties you always have a lot of people listening and laughing at your events. He is sure and confident. He knows how to excite. When he speaks, he is not informed, he inspires. He would be a great politician or a great comedian or a great storyteller. He masters the art of communication. He has all of these attributes that others don’t.

9. The star

Attractive and elegant. They have a life that others don’t. It is the archetype of celebrities. Her unique and unusual life is a magnet for everyone. His life is eccentric and always surprises you. Go into places they would never let you in if you weren’t with them. But not everything is luxurious. He is also passionate about his own life and his skills. Being by his side will make you escape the mundane and the vulgar. He will make you live an infinite number of experiences that only he can offer you. The archetype of the star is synonymous with glamor.

These are the archetypes defined by Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction. You will need to know which one resides in you. Explore yourself and analyze in which laces. We are all part of one of them. And if not, we surely adapt to this last archetype.

10. The anti-seducer

Insecure, egocentric, little empathetic: repulsive. They don’t know how to communicate. They are angry with the world. They have little or no mastery of social skills. They don’t know when they have it left. They don’t know when they need it. They are inappropriate. They speak when they shouldn’t and shut up when they need to speak. They have overconfidence or, conversely, do not trust.

Fortunately, we can escape this archetype. It is only necessary to strengthen personal charisma and social skills. A good way to start is to build your self-esteem and overcome shyness. And another way is to take a look at my article on “How Not to Tie”.

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