What if you fall in love with your best friend?

There are times when the story between two friends can become something more, and friendship can give way to a romantic relationship. However, when one of the two friends feels more than the other and falls in love without being reciprocated, the friendship becomes more complicated.

Being in love with your best friend can become a complicated situation, which usually arouses very intense feelings. In this context, maturity is key to dealing with the situation where you don’t want to lose your friendship and affection. Knowing how to make a wise decision determined how well the relationship would unfold in the future, whether as friends or as a couple.

    Much to gain and much to lose

    Many friendship stories have been broken because love arose between two inseparable companions, but love stories and adventures were also written that emerged from the unique bond that two good friends felt.

    The line between friendship and romantic love is fragile, And this is why many individuals think that it is not possible that there are feelings of friendship between two people of the opposite sex who have learned to love each other as brothers without being of the same. family. And is that when a true friend (of the opposite sex) connects deeply with us and our needs, something more than just friendship can arise.

    In these cases, the question arises whether it is worth risking everything and losing that person so important to us.

    Can there be a friendship between a man and a woman (heterosexual)?

    Our friends can give us great joys, which is why we say that “he who has a friend has a treasure”. In fact, we have all decided who is in our circle of friends, because friends are the family we choose to live fully.

    Finding that person with whom to share our good times and our sorrows, with whom we can strip our soul, understand ourselves and accept ourselves as we are, is a great gift of life.

    Sometimes that special friend can be someone of the opposite sex, and then one of the most common questions might arise: is friendship between a woman and a man possible? Without a doubt, yes! But sometimes that close friendship can become a big challenge, and it can present a more than exciting and, in turn, terrifying barrier that confronts the friendship with attraction or a deeper and more intense feeling: fall in love with our best friend.

    How to tell if you’re in love with your best friend

    When we fall in love with our best friend, the feelings are so strong and contradictory that the fear of revealing them can be crippling for fear of losing the affection of that person so important to us.

    In this sense, if we want to maintain affection with our friend, it is necessary to detect whether what we feel towards him or her is friendship or, on the contrary, we have developed feelings of attraction and ‘love. But, What are these signs?

    1. Don’t treat him the same as other friends

    When you want your friend to be your partner, you behave differently than you would if you were a friend. And falling in love changes your behavior. For example, it can hurt you now when your friend tells you about their romances, which had not happened before.

    2. You care more than other friends

    Almost without realizing it, the person who was your friend has become your priority. He has become too important a part of your life and you care about his happiness almost as if it were your own.

    3. You can’t wait to see this person

    Seeing your friend as something else makes you want to spend a lot of time with him, that you have a great need to see him at all times.

    4. You want to melt in his arms

    You probably have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, however. you wouldn’t melt into everyone’s arms like you would your special friend. Hugs from that person you consider unique make you feel something magical, something that no one else makes you feel.

    5. Attract yourself

    An unequivocal sign that your friend is no longer just your friend is that you are drawn to them and want to have some intimate moments with them. You probably want to be alone with your friend so that you can connect emotionally.

    6. Think about this person all day

    It has stolen your thoughts, diverted your attention, and is now in your mind for much of the day.. That’s why you write to her on WhatsApp all the time and talk to her differently than you would with other friends.

    What to do if you fall in love with your best friend

    Being in love is one of the best experiences we can have, as long as the other person feels the same about us. Otherwise, we can suffer from unrequited love, which can affect our self-esteem and cause us frustration and anxiety, among other psychological symptoms.

    This situation is especially delicate if the unrequited love is that of our best friend. however, if romance triumphs, friendship can give way to true love.

    Falling in love with our best friend can be amazing, but it can also mean endangering our beloved friendship, so it makes sense that doubts arise as to whether we should say it or silence this immense feeling. So what should we do if this happens to us?

    1. Be aware and accept the situation

    When we fall in love with our best friend, there is no point running away from this feeling and pushing it back, Because somehow it affected both us and the friendship. If we find ourselves in this situation, the best option is to recognize the signs I spoke about in the previous lines and accept that falling in love with a friend is something that can and in fact happens quite often.

    2. Observe how he behaves with you

    When you know what you think about your best friend, you can observe their behavior to see if they really feel the same about you.. It can help you come to terms with the approaching situation, think about what is going on, and make a decision on how you are going to deal with this new reality that you are living in.

    3. Be honest with yourself and your friend

    If you fell in love with your best friend, pretend none of this happened and the friendship will remain unrealistic until now. In fact, it can both positively and negatively affect your affection for you and your friend, so it’s always best to be honest with yourself and the other person. Communication and expression of feelings can now help manage the relationship and lead it to maturity.

    4. Respect your decision

    Telling your friend that you feel something more than friendship is a courageous decision, but their reaction is not up to you.. If she decides to be with you and give you a chance to start a romantic relationship, it will surely be one of the most amazing days of your life.

    But this idyllic situation is not always fulfilled, and your friend may not feel the same for you. Faced with this, you have to respect their decision and move on. That doesn’t mean losing your friendship, but you will have to adjust to the new situation, even if it means taking some distance for a while. You can read the article “How to forget an impossible love, in 5 steps” to know what to do in this case.

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