Why do we find people more attractive when we drink alcohol?

It’s common to notice how, after a night out with someone you met at a party, you find that you feel much less drawn to seeing them in broad daylight. A possible explanation for this phenomenon could be due to this same absence of light, which certainly hides some imperfections.

But the main culprit of this effect is well known: alcohol. The more alcohol we consume, more attractive, we tend to perceive people around us, Especially if our romantic-emotional predisposition is high.

Alcohol and the perception of sexual attraction

This is because there is an effect popularly known as “Beer glasses”This increases libido and removes social inhibitions, causing us to have a greater predisposition to come into contact with people who would not attract us to a state of sobriety.

Alcohol conditions your perception

Science explains why the attraction to others increases when we have a few drinks. A survey of Glasgow and Saint Andrews universities found that women and men found the faces of the opposite sex 25% more attractive compared to subjects who have not tried alcohol.

Another study, conducted at the University of Bristol, goes in the same direction: research participants reported that the attractiveness of other people was 10% higher than 15 after ingesting 70 centiliters of beer (amount equivalent to three reeds). It was also found that the gender of the other person did not influence the increased perception of attractiveness: men found other men to be more attractive and women than other women to be more attractive, regardless of their position. preferences and sexual characteristics of each participant.

Alcohol and symmetry, allies

Experts claim that alcohol consumption disrupts our perception of attractiveness to others because it impairs our ability to perceive the asymmetry of other people’s faces and bodies. Usually, and without going into other cultural conditioning on beauty, one of the foundations of physical attractiveness is bilateral symmetry.

Another research from the University of Roehampton in London pointed out that alcohol inhibits our visual perception of asymmetries in others. This reinforces the idea that alcohol acts as a balun and therefore makes the people we see intoxicated more attractive.

Alcohol makes others more attractive … but also for yourself

A few more notes: scientists from the Pierre Mendès-France University in Paris have pointed out that the “beer glasses” effect works in two directions; in both ways: alcohol not only improves the perception of attractiveness of others, but also makes us feel more attractive to ourselves.

In this research, the experiment consisted of assess self-perception of attractiveness of several participants who drank alcohol, compared to the control group who were given a drink that mimicked alcohol but did not actually contain it. Those who actually drank alcohol reported higher levels of perceived self-attraction than those who did not drink.

The conclusion of the case seems obvious: it will be easier to establish a relationship with someone who has consumed alcohol than with someone who is sober, not only because of the disinhibition caused by the alcohol but because of the tendency for symmetrical faces, and because both perceive them to be more attractive than they actually are.

Of course the next day you might be disappointed.

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