Why is it so easy to fall in love with psychopaths?

Psychopaths often appear in series and movies as characters who only act out of obedience to their thirst for cruelty and sadism.

They think coldly, show no empathy, and are often not only violent, but also engage in activities considered aberrant. In short, they are the opposite of what one might consider as a partner with whom to share a romantic relationship.

However, people with a high degree of psychopathy inhabit the real world. they are known precisely for their ability to seduceSo, it is easy to fall in love with them. Why is this happening?

    The manipulative nature of psychopaths

    People who stand out for their level of psychopathy don’t have to feel the urge to kill or hurt people, but there is something about them that is almost always fulfilled: they manipulate others, even without realizing it. And besides, they are very good at this task.

    This is for two reasons. On the one hand, psychopaths cossify peopleThis means that they don’t perceive them so much as beings with their own mental lives that one can empathize with, but rather as robots or very complex characters in a video game. This characteristic is present at different intensities depending on the psychopath: some of them totally reify others, while others do so only to a degree significantly higher than the average of the population.

    On the other hand, reification you don’t feel any inconvenience when you lie and manipulate. The only concern in doing this will be that it is not discovered that something is being done socially frowned upon, but beyond that there should be virtually no moral limitations that make the behavior of the manipulating or lying psychopath. seems insecure due to an internal struggle.

    In other words, in people with a high degree of psychopathy, lies can flow like water, and saying something that is not true can lead to the same moral challenges as snapping your fingers.

    This causes psychopaths to have a very wide range of actions when it comes to pretending something that they are not, which means they have more advantages when it comes to seduction and get someone to fall in love with them by cheating on them. All this, moreover, without it being necessary to form a lie.

    Detect the weaknesses of others

    Along with having the ability to offer a totally unreal face of themselves, psychopaths have another trump card up their sleeve when it comes to navigating the world of love cheating: they are very good at detecting psychological vulnerabilities in others.

    This means that this class of people has an incredible ability to know what kind of actions and initiatives someone can enjoy, either because of some shortcoming or because of fears and insecurities.

    For example, a survey found that people who scored high on a psychopathy scale were able to intuitively detect who had been sexually abused in the past … just by noticing how they walked. This did not happen in people who did not achieve significantly elevated levels in this test.

    In this way, psychopaths come away with some sort of inside information about other people’s weaknesses that they can use to their advantage by offering articles that others need and rarely find in other potential partners. Although it sounds cruel, using intimate information to make it more desirable can be something that works for seduction.


    So far, we have seen the potential for seduction that psychopaths are able to offer through a mask that hides their propensity for manipulation; that is, in cases where the couple is not fully aware of the psychological peculiarities of their lover.

    However, even in cases where the person with a high degree of psychopathy has become accustomed to acting violently, it is possible to feel an attraction to this fact. When aggression is rationally articulated in pursuit of an end, it can appear hibristophilia, which is sexual attraction to violent people willing to commit crimes.

    Especially if the person with psychopathic traits is male, the fit between this aggressiveness and male gender roles contributes to this tendency to hurt others, seen as an expression of virility and autonomy.

    However, hibristophilia is very rare and of course not occurs in all people. This does not mean, however, that certain degrees of hostility and aggression cannot be used to find a mate.

    The black thriad and love

    Although aggression and hostility do not take the form of crimes, for many people they can be more attractive than peaceful; in fact, a concept known as the Dark Thriad, which has often been linked to a pattern of sexual preference by narcissistic, manipulative, and psychopathic men.

    Why is this happening? It is difficult to find any rational logic beyond the possibility that some people are predisposed to hear attracted to extremely individualistic people, the paradigm is that of psychopaths.

    From an evolutionary perspective, it is reasonable to assume that the genes of some individuals predispose them to seek the companionship of such personalities, since in some contexts having offspring with people of this class may increase the chances of not transmitting anything of success. .

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