Why men love bad girls

These girls who never answer calls and let you “read” on WhatsApp. These girls. Even if we do things right, these are women who rarely pay attention to us: to them they seem almost invisible.

In the end, we make a mess of it and continue to think we’re responsible for the situation: “Why doesn’t she call me?”, “I’m too little man for her,” “I don’t. don’t make it understood, ”and similar moans.

Bad girls, guide to understand them

Many women believe (and are right) that women have been treated unfairly for centuries and that even today girls face many prejudices and comparative grievances against men. It’s a frustrating feeling that you have fewer opportunities in life for something as arbitrary as being born a woman.

In the section on romantic relationships, women also suffered a lot. They have been treated little less than objects, used to procreate, raped and ignored. With all this cultural baggage, it is not uncommon for inequalities to continue to exist and for some to think that they should act as a “complement” to their spouses or husbands. Totally wrong idea, but it still exists even in the 21st century.

obviously more and more girls are shedding these stereotypes and deciding to act independently and freely.

Women who assert themselves … maybe a little too much

Have you ever met a “bad girl”? It is these women who carry their independence to the last consequences. Okay, it might seem a little harsh to refer to it with a negative (“bad”) adjective: in the end, they have the right to act in whatever way they see fit, right?

But, what is undeniable is that the gay boys (or girls) who claim to be romantically involved with these bad girls end up completely upset, bewildered and oblivious to what is going on around them.

Why do some men sigh for bad girls?

In another Psychology and Mind article, titled “Dark Triad: Why Women Prefer Hard Guys,” we already realized that there is something about the personalities of “bad” men that women particularly like.

But it can be a phenomenon that not only helps men to be more attractive and to captivate women. It can also be the other way around, there are also girls from the “Dark Triad” who are starting to impose their rules.

The attraction to complicated relationships

Human beings often tend to attempt impossible adventures. We like to play the protagonists of the Odyssey and try to take absolutely heroic stages. There may be something in this psychological deposit that prompts us to have a predilection for these more complicated romantic relationships.

Frankly, no one likes something that everyone can have effortlessly. We’re like that: we love the exclusive, which cost us sweat and tears to have. It’s a bit of a shame that we have this taste for exclusivity, especially when it comes to material goods. After all, a utility car takes you to the same place as a spectacular sports car. But …

It works the same when it comes to finding a mate. We become obsessed with those people who make it difficult for us, Who make us suffer and give us a cold and a heat. We have this point of masochism, and we can’t help it.

Good women and not so good women

Many women have realized that being kind and complacent with their boyfriends is bad business. The only thing they get is to be ignored and manipulated by them. “Not-so-good” women just learned to play with other cards.

These types of girls are generally characterized by being more independent, self-sufficient in their love life, proactive and straightforward. They have life beyond being tied to a man, they have varied hobbies and passions. If we look at it somewhat critically, we can also say that bad girls can be elusive and loose.

How do these types of girls act?

I would like to clarify one thing: I don’t want to make a value judgment on “good” or “bad” girls, even if the labels are these. Everyone has the right to do as they please and no one should judge another person.

Nor is it about promoting the habits and attitudes of “good” or “bad” girls. I just want to outline some trends and reflect on them, or at least serve as a starting point for you, as a reader, to question certain things.

Relationships are always difficult. It’s possible that if we stop thinking about the rise of bad girls, we realize that, perhaps, we have been victims or tormentors of this type of relationship at some point.

With a total of five keys, we can try to understand the psychology of difficult women and why they seem more attractive to us, In general. And, of course, we’ll know why they hurt us so much.

In the end, women who meet these characteristics have incredible virtues: they love each other, they are demanding in their interpersonal relationships, and they know that, in this life, the most important thing is to take care of yourself.

Law 1: attraction is based on authenticity

They don’t have to be women with super exciting lives for them to drive us crazy for them. They’re just girls who don’t care much about having a boyfriend. They are natural, they are as they are and they are not going to adapt to you to please you. Either way, adapt to them.

Law 2: Challenge

What is a challenge for us is more precious. When we feel that we are in control of something or someone, we can lose interest. But when being with someone is a daily challenge, the attraction increases. Some girls know it and use it.

Law 3: They love each other very much

Bad girls love each other and a lot. This attitude allows others to perceive them as well: as very precious, sure of themselves and attractive. This is the basis of everything: women with this personality know how to attract dozens of men.

Law 4: They accept loneliness

The women we have described also differ in one characteristic: they are not afraid to be alone. This sets them apart from “normal girls”, who often believe that they have to be with a man to be happy. They bad girls know that their life is more important and that their life should not be based on the business they have.

Law 5: They are assertive

Men know that there are “friends” who may be available for a long time to stay with us and satisfy our desires. There is nothing wrong with it. But bad women never get to it. If you don’t prioritize them, you don’t have to do anything. They cannot access you if they notice you are using them.

Some conclusions about these women

There are several guides and books that talk about these girls. Each person is a world and bad girls are neither better nor worse, just different. They are so different that many boys can lose their minds about them.

Have you met a “bad girl” in your life? How was your experience? You can tell us in the comments section or on our social networks.

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