Women over 28 are less attractive to men, study finds

Finnish researchers from Åbo Akademi University conducted research on more than 12,000 participants aged 25 to 40 and concluded that women over 28 gradually cease to interest men sexually, As reported by the Russian communication portal Spbdnevnik.

At a certain age, women are no longer so attractive to men

Research has found that men tend to choose younger women, regardless of their age. Members of the study team claim that the ideal age of a woman in the eyes of men, is the one that includes 23 and 28 years, being the age of 25 the preferred.

The explanation for this predilection seems to be, according to the authors of the research, that the age of 28 turns out to be a good time to be able to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. Thus, this biological factor would play an important role in the appetite of heterosexual men.

Of course, this does not mean that there is an age at which women lose their physical attractiveness, but simply and as a result of the Finnish study, men show a clear preference for a certain age range.

Do they prefer older men?

Finally, it should be noted that the study also looked at the tastes of women compared to men. They prefer men of the same age or olderPerhaps because of the belief that an older, more mature man will be better able to support and care for a family.

Either way, the controversy is served and we will have to continue to seek out the cultural and cognitive patterns that make us more inclined to view another human being as attractive.

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