32 games to play at home (for children and adults)

Boredom is a fleeting state in which we have nothing to do and in which we have started to ruminate and turn our heads. In addition, it causes us fatigue and a negative, pessimistic mood.

Boredom can appear in adults, but also in children. And when they feel bored, they start looking for ways to entertain themselves, sometimes even misbehaving to get attention. This is why it is important that children feel energized and have fun. In this way, in addition, they also stimulate your brain while having fun.

Games to play at home

You can find it in the following lines a list of ideas for playing and having fun when you are at home or for your children to have fun. We tried to offer them varied and above all very entertaining activities.

1. Puzzles

Making a puzzle is a classic in home games, And depending on the complexity, it may take several days. It will keep you busy and is great for all ages. There are simpler and more complex puzzles. The box usually indicates the recommended age for use.

2. Monopoly

Another board game classic that can bring the whole family together in an unprecedented competitive battle. No matter who wins, the important thing is to have a good time in company. There is a version for adults and children (called Monopoly Junior). Be careful, because if it is not well managed, the game can end in upheavals and fights.

3. Strategy

Stratego is a legendary board game not so recommended for children but for adults. It is ideal for people who like to simulate war battles, where intelligence and strategy (as the name suggests) are essential to emerge victorious from war.

4. Paint the shirts

Ideal for children. To make this game you must have white shirts and paint for the shirts. The game is simple: you need to select different colors and different objects with different shapes. For example, a large pepper. Cut it in half and place the part you cut in the paint so that it works like a paintbrush. Then you take the pepper and put it on the t-shirt, like it’s a tampon, and it’s a nice flower shape. Creativity depends on everyone.

5. Family tree

To make this game you only need colors and a sheet of paper. Then you need to draw a tree (as beautiful as possible) and place the names of the parents on each branch. It is also possible to place photos instead of writing the name of each family member.

6. Letters

Card games are also a recommended option for all ages. For adults, playing poker can be a lot of fun, but children can play, for example, find partners.

7. Bingo

Family reunions or special occasions are perfect for bringing the whole family together and having a great time in company. After a good dinner, it is always fun to play bingo. It is possible to find bingos in many stores, for example, the classic “Chinese shops”.

8. Shopping cart

If you have young children, you can have the classic “billiard” balls at home., Although you can also use other types of small balls. The idea of ​​the game is to take the baskets of clothes and put different scores depending on the distance from which the shooter is. The closest can be worth 50 points, the next 100 and the other 150. The game consists of throwing balls and explaining the score obtained after 5 scoring attempts.

9. Bonding

To have fun with your children, you can make a collage, Which consists of sticking on a cloth, paper or any other surface of other materials, such as paper, fabric, photographs, etc. Creativity is up to everyone, but as you get a feel for what you want to do and the collage is built, the satisfaction will increase.

10. City of Choches

For the little ones to play in the small cars, it is possible to create a circuit or a city on the ground with colored adhesive tape. Anyone can build whatever they want. A fun activity not only during creation, but also appreciated during its construction, because the little ones can use it as a circuit for their cars.

11. Exercises for the mind

There are different games that can help young and old to exercise their mind, for example brain training games. But in those times of boredom, it is also possible to fill a soup with letters.

12. Hide and seek

Everyone likes to play hide and seek, but the ideal is to have a big house. This game is designed for the little ones, but maybe some adults are also encouraged to play.

13. The dark room

A very fun game is the dark room. One person has to wait outside the room, while the others hide and turn off the light so that the room is dark. Once they are in hiding, they warn the boy to come and get them. Once inside, he must find them and guess who he is and also say their name. The game ends when the seeker finds all the hidden ones.

14. I see, I see

This game is the typical game that every living thing has played. It consists in that a person (the one who directs the game) must say the sentence: “I see, I see …”. And the other (or others) ask: “What do you see?”. The first one says (again), “One thing …”. The others ask: “What is this?” The first then says: “Something that starts with the letter …”. According to the letter he says, the others have to find out which object is in plain view, which is what the person running the game has chosen.

15. What will it be, will it be?

To play this game you need to take a bag and bring the items you find in the house: A ball, a pen, a stuffed animal … Then you have to bandage the eyes of the other person who must guess which object it is. It is recommended for over five years.

16. The one who laughs last laughs the best

Two people should sit across from each other and look into each other’s eyes without laughing. When one of the two laughs, he loses the game. A simple game that asks for nothing more than the desire to have a good time and is also fun.

17. Twister

Twister is a fun game that everyone is probably familiar with. It consists of placing a kind of plastic mat with colored circles. Then we have to make a throw so that an arrow shows us the color on which we have to step, and we have to place one of the limbs on a circle of that shade.

To make a homemade Twister, you can watch this video:

18. Karaoke

Kids and adults love to sing along and playing karaoke is always a great way to hang out, Especially for those who feel a passion for music and have a good voice.

19. Fauna

Wildlife is a card game in which you must have some coins on hand. This is called wildlife because each player has to learn the sound of an animal. Then the cards are dealt one by one and when two players have playing cards they have to express the animal sound they have learned. The first to do so wins a coin from the other.

20. Chair game

The game consists of making a circle of chairs. It is ideal for playing with family or a group of friends. If 11 people are playing, there must be one chair less, ie ten. Then the music will sound and when, the participants should be seated. What is not felt is eliminated. The game progresses and another chair is pulled out and the music sounds.

21. Knot with your feet

Participants are seated in a chair with bare feet. They place a piece of rope attached to the feet (the rope attached at the ends to the ankles). Then they should try to tie a knot. The first to get it wins. For adults and children over 10 years old.

22. I’m from the supermarket

A game that lets you use memory. It’s about recreating a shopping lista. The first must say: “I come from the supermarket and I bought oranges”. Then each player must repeat the products purchased previously and add one more. What fails is eliminated and the game continues until there is only one participant left.

23. Read a count

Reading a story is always fun, especially when they are very young.. Obviously, it should be the adult who reads it and, if possible, dramatizes it and puts it in context so that the little ones can get into the story.

24. Costumes

The little ones also like to dress up, especially if they have a costume they like. Without being diverse, they can switch roles and have a lot of fun.

25. Video games

There are video games that can be really entertaining when you are in a group, especially those that are played, for example with the Wii, and in which you need to be active to simulate real situations.

26. In search of the lost treasure

It is possible to hide various treasures around the house and have the little ones look for them. You can give them visible clues or create a map to make it more interesting.

27. Three in a row

Brown is one of the classic games that can be played anywhere. You have to have a board (even if it’s imaginary) to be able to place the tiles in the form of a 3×3 matrix. Fleas can be nuts, balls, or any other object that is around the house. The first to get a row of three chips wins.

28. Building with paper

Building paper boats, flowers, or airplanes is also an option that can appeal to children and keep them entertained.. In the case of airplanes, it’s especially fun to fly them.

29. Telephone

Phone game is great for the little ones, and the more the better. You have to put the child in a line and think of a relatively long sentence. Then each child must tell him the passphrase he has in the group, until he gets to the last one to say it. Many times the initial sentence is distorted and ends with a different sentence.

30. He dominated

Dominoes are a game that appeals, especially to adults but also to children. It is ideal for playing in your spare time and real competitions can take place.

31. Sock War

You need to pay attention to the furniture when playing this gameIt is therefore ideal if there is a garden in the house or plot. It consists of making bullets out of socks and using them as if they were weapons.

32. Homemade bowling

In a space where there is no risk of breaking anything, it is possible to grab empty bottles and place them as if they were pins. Then with a ball (preferably plastic) you need to knock down the objects.

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