6 reasons why you should talk about sex with your kids

While in Western society sex is no longer a taboo subject, in many homes talking about it is still a complicated subject. Sex appears on TV, in movies, in magazines and even on billboards, but behind closed doors it’s always an awkward and embarrassing topic, and many parents are reluctant to have these kinds of conversations with. their children.

The world has changed a lot in recent decades due to new technologies and the exposure and media repercussions that sex has, there is a need for correct sex education from the different educational agents, especially from the family. The classic way of having sex has given way to more diverse ways of having sex.

Study confirms the importance of talking about sex as a family

If you are a parent, you will be interested to know that a recent study has shown that talking to your kids about sex is good for them. This is especially important for teenagers, as treating sex as a forbidden thing can negatively condition them for the rest of their lives. Good sex education can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, sexual disorders, improve future relationships, etc., that is, it can improve the emotional and physical health of your children and positively affect their well-being. future.

A study by Laura Widman of North Carolina State University and published in JAMA Pediatrics indicates that talking about sex with fathers, especially mothers, has a positive effect on safer adolescent sexual behavior, Especially in girls. To conduct the study, 52 studies from the past 30 years were reviewed, in which over 25,000 adolescents participated.

Communication about sex between parents and children promotes safe sex

The results of the study by Widman and colleagues confirm the positive effect of parent-child discussions on gender. The association between communication with parents and the use of contraceptive methods in adolescents is thought to be significantly more frequent in women than in men. Therefore, conversations focused on these topics are a protective factor for young people and is the best way to prevent sexual behaviors that can affect the mental and physical health and well-being of adolescents.

Sexual misconduct and behaviors associated with risky attitudes are a major problem due to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, communication between parents and adolescents is one of the factors that could lead to safer sex between young people, including the use of contraceptives. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen because of shame or ignorance.

Talking About Sex With Your Children Is To Protect Them

Laura Witman, director of the study, explains: “Talking about sex with your children is one way to protect them. Starting these kinds of conversations, even if they may seem a little awkward, will help your child and make him feel that they can trust you. ”Further, Witman adds,“ In the study, we found that children of parents who told them about topics such as condoms or sexually transmitted diseases, were more likely to take precautions during sexual intercourse. “

The author of the study also explains that the reason why family sex discussions are more productive between mother and daughter this is because women are easier to communicate than boys and men. On the other hand, “it could also be that society is more protective of girls in this regard, which is why parents try to protect them.”

Regarding the role of parents in conversations about sex: “There is really little research in this line that is specifically focused on parents. However, this study sends a message to parents: what they say to parents. their children., It matters, ”says Witman.

Reasons to talk about sex with your kids

Many parents still struggle to give their children a good sex education when they haven’t received it. Solving this problem can be difficult and you have to find the way and the way to be able to do it naturally. But this question must be addressed in the family so that children can fully experience sexuality.

Since talking about sex with your kids is going to be beneficial for them, here are some of the reasons why you should:

  • When children have questions, parents, through their experience and the love they feel for them, are the best source of answers.
  • It can be traumatic for a child to go through his teenage years without being sexually prepared.
  • Children have to learn sex. Better to receive education from parents than to receive poor media education.
  • When children don’t have enough information, they are easily swayed.
  • Talking about sex builds trust between parents and children.
  • Children need to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest without fear or insecurity.

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