Adaptation to school during a pandemic: what about the emotional breakdown?

We have been back in the classrooms for a few weeks now and, in the various media, there is a lot of talk that there are classrooms that have had to close because there are students who have tested positive, we are talking about isolated groups of children, or threatening to have to resume online classes.

I say threat because it became clear that boys and girls need to be together, come together and socializeFeel the support of your peer group, especially in the case of the teenage years. They have to get out of their homes and be in that other school environment that allows so much for children and young people to develop.

We have been talking about this for several weeks, and I think there is another subject that we talk about little, and in my opinion, it is extremely important.

    The importance of emotional breakdown in the little ones on the way back to school

    If we assume that this course is different from many others, practically all others, if we take into account that the previous course ended in a totally unusual way, we will agree that we are in a different scenario, that never before if it had happened with these characteristics.

    I am not discovering anything new if I remember that students of all levels spent 6 months without going to class, without being in the school environment and without so many aspects of their daily life that, in some cases, this at makes a bitch much bigger than you think.

    So, I am very surprised that after these weeks of classes, the classes aim to keep up with the curricular rhythm that plays out. I think it’s essential that teachers, leadership teams and those who match, realize that they can do something wrong, something negative for the students.

    Let’s go by parts: Does anyone really think that it is enough to ask the kids to write about how the imprisonment and the pandemic went? This activity was, in many centers, all they devoted to talking about what happened.

    I think that a test or a specific activity of any kind (drawing, dynamics of exercises or games), a single activity or two in these weeks, is completely insufficient. I think we are omitting one very important thing, namely the need for emotional ventilation that many boys and girls (boys and girls) urgently need.

    I have no intention of questioning the importance of following the school curriculum, trying to make up for lost time, in the corresponding subjects at all, although I consider mathematical operations, knowledge of language or sciences, are insufficient in the development of those who have experienced something unheard of and who may have affected them to the depths of their being and their psychological well-being.

      What to do?

      I think it would be nice if, over those weeks of course there would have been a lot, a lot, a lot of talk about who they and they have been, leaving room for their fears, Having been able to tell about their life, who lost a loved one, whether they were grandparents or parents, uncles, neighbors with whom they fell on the gate or the park.

      From my point of view too teachers should share their own life stories and thus understand that this is something that concerns us all, Share your experiences without over-transferring the fears or worries that each person may have. I think it makes us human, close and connects people with people.

      I think doing this is not easy; maybe not all teachers are prepared (even if you can count on other professionals, psychologists for example), but let’s not forget we’re talking about mental health, Which is health after all.

      If we do not realize the emotional needs of these new generations, we will have a serious risk of mental illness in society, in people who, although they have found their rhythm in academia, will not be able to cope with situations. future, such adults, because emotionally, they will not have recovered from something very hard and great.

      It strikes me deeply, in the stories of well-known people engaged in education, or in talk shows on the radio, to hear that in high schools there is no such commotion of classrooms, of courtyards or corridors, among other things because we do not take care to do so. I wonder if the teachers don’t realize it, In addition to preventing COVID-19 infections in college students, there is a need to help prevent depression, generalized anxiety disorders, or other more serious disorders. that could be presented in the future. We talk about emotions, we talk about how everyone is feeling, we make room for people to feel important, we understand that nowadays people are more important than seeing the whole agenda.

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