How to manage the choice of school?

How to choose the school for our children? Is it important that everyone goes?

When is the best time to start? What time and modality options are best for the family? Are there any programs with parents and children?

All of these questions and more come to mind when we have children.

    Decide how to educate our children

    Because we are parents, we plan a career, a job, a partner, everyday life … Although we live in unforeseen ways and become parents, we know that at some point we will have to institutionalize the care and education of children.

    Some parents prefer to send them to school at a young age, so that they can adapt. Others when they walk to be more independent.

    Others wait until they start talking so they can tell them what they’re doing, or wait until it’s mandatory.

    But at some point, we know we’re going to experience this situation. So what is the best decision? How do we adapt this big change to our family life? Public or private?

      The perfect choice

      The first thing to consider is whether we will choose in the public or private environment. Knowing the two options and putting all the cards on the table is key. We know that if our choice is private, we must have that money during the process. To this will be added equipment, uniforms and inscriptions … and sometimes also locomotion.

      Some centers offer a basic fee and then offer you additional options such as extended schedules or workshops. And if the little ones don’t leave full time, you have to think about who will take care of them the rest of the time.

      In this sense, let’s see some educational proposals and guidelines:

      • Analyze the proposals of each, see what they offer and the possibilities of care, schedules and pedagogical orientation.
      • Learn about the educational models around us and think about the most appropriate modality.

        The location of the school

        The place where the establishment is located must be close to our home, our work or that of the adult who is available to go there.

        After all, coping is a process that can take a long time, and children often go through different situations. we have to go before the end of the program (some discomfort, fever, unexpected fall, medical examination, etc.) and knowing who will come and collect them.

        We need to know that at first children tend to get sick until they acquire herd immunity. When everyone gets to know each other and are immune to each other, it won’t be so common for our child to get sick.. For a multitude of reasons, the center you visit must be logistically accessible to pick you up on time, pick you up on time, and pick you up in an emergency.

        Are we looking for a short term solution or are we choosing a school for the whole educational process?

        We have to think about whether we will choose a Garden for its first years or whether we will look for an institution where it will go through the whole process with the high school and the baccalaureate included.

        If we have multiple children or are planning to have more, we should also consider options. Will we send everyone to the same place? Are there discounts for siblings? Does the center meet the needs of each child? Will your children be able to attend the same establishment? When it comes to assembled families, this aspect is no less.

        Faced with all these questions, we ask for an interview. Let’s not make an immediate decision. And we are open to the possibility of having a plan B in case our child does not adapt to it or the institution does not meet our expectations during the process.

        I wish you good luck in this new adventure! I must accompany them.

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