The 27 Best Educational Blogs and Websites You Should Know About

One of the advantages of the new digital age is that it allows us to access information online very quickly.

Surely many of us, if not all, have used this resource to study or to learn something new. Education is part of our lives and that’s why there are many blogs or web pages devoted to this subject.

    The best educational blogs or websites

    If you are a teacher, student, or parent, you should know the list of websites that we have shown you in this article. Because? Well simply because these pages are a great way to share ideas, creativity and innovation in this area.

    But before you start looking at them, be aware that the order of the list does not meet any particular criteria. This is a total of twenty essential education websites for teaching and learning.

    1. Psychology and the mind

    Education, psychology, neuroscience, personal development … Our website brings together more than 250 mental health, educational and social science professionals who try to bring together a wide range of scientific topics.

    2. Help for teachers

    If you are a teacher, this blog will come in handy. There you will find teaching resources, teaching tools, videos to educate and articles on different topics of early childhood education, primary education and secondary education.

      3. Close to mathematics

      For some people, math can be a complicated subject. Fortunately, this website aims to entertain and spread this topic around the world, trying to teach math in an easy way.

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      4. Sofa science

      A blog that brings science together in a fun and entertaining way. You will find material on astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, biology or physics. The scientific blog Sofa was the winner of the Bitàcoles Prize 2015 in the Education and Sciences category.


      A very complete website where it is possible to find videos and articles related to the subject of training and its relationship with new technologies. Highly recommended.

        6. Learn English

        A blog that facilitates learning the English language. The author of this website has published several books on this subject.

        • In the following article you will find tips for learning languages: “10 psychological tips for learning languages”

        7.mathematics: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, …

        A math portal with high quality content. There is a forum to resolve your doubts and a video library to view audiovisual content offered by the author.

        8. Your baby

        For mothers and fathers in difficulty, Your Baby is a large and comprehensive portal for advice on pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. A real benchmark in the field of natural motherhood. Very interesting.

        9. Eduteka

        A website for teachers interested in improving education with the support of information and communication technologies. Eduteka encourages innovation in this area and provides access to very useful information.

        10. Digital generation

        An excellent blog where you will find content on childhood, entertainment and education in a digital world.

          11. Tocamates

          A portal on mathematics and creativity recognized as Blog Award 2012 as the best educational blog. You will be able to find answers to all your questions on this subject, while having fun learning

          12. Doubts for parents

          In this space, it is possible to resolve the doubts and concerns that parents feel when educating their children. Being a parent is not easy, which is why the author of this blog puts all his efforts to make this arduous task easier for parents.

            13. INED21

            It is an educational portal based on collaborative teaching and learning, aimed at all compulsory education courses and the entire educational community: teachers, students and parents.

            14. A thousand resources on early childhood education

            In this blog it is possible to find educational resources provided by a preschool teacher, with the aim of having them available whenever needed

            15. Emotional intelligence in the classroom

            Emotional intelligence (EI) brings many benefits to teachers and students. This portal aims to bring EI closer to the whole educational community.

              16. Virtual laboratories

              A portal to learn physics and chemistry in a fun way. In the blog you will find a series of activities and programs designed for you to have fun while gaining knowledge.

              17. History

              A website where you will find high school notes on history and different audiovisual resources that will help you learn more about this topic.

              18. Universia

              Universia is an academic cooperation network focused on Latin America, which promotes change and innovation in this community. Some of its objectives are: to encourage the employment and professional development of university students, to provide information for learning and support for continuing education, to generate spaces for debate and reflection on trends in higher education and create information communities.

              19. Education 3.0

              A website that also has four annual issues in print format. Its aim is to contribute to methodological change in classrooms through ICT and active methodologies. It is intended for all people who are part of the educational community.

              20. [email protected]

              Everything about current and current affairs in the field of education, as well as digital teaching resources ready to be used in the classroom.

              21. Educaweb

              Educaweb it gives you all the news in the field of education. In addition, it is one of the reference portals in the search for training actions to allow you to continue your training: online courses, masters and postgrades, doctorates …

              22. School20

              One of the most comprehensive education websites. Fr School20 you can find very useful information for teachers, students or parents.

              23. The Salvaros block

              A blog in which the author writes his personal reflections on education in times of crisis.

              24. Justify the answer

              A blog founded by a Spanish teacher. In it, he presents teachers with tips and tricks to fill daily classroom life with motivation and inspiration.

              25. Curistory

              Curistoria is a blog about curiosities and anecdotes from history. In this space there are entertaining and funny historical stories.

              26. The shell

              Although the founder of this blog is a social psychologist, Dolors reig is an expert in education 2.0. On his website, he reflects on the field of education and ICT.

              27. planetLobby

              lobbyPlaneta belongs to the well-known communication group Planeta. Definitely a better education website out there today. It is aimed at teachers, students and families.

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