The effect of a good career choice on young people

The interest of writing this article on vocational guidance for choosing a career arose when I saw in my consultations how some young people who had already finished a profession developed problems of anxiety, fear, insecurity and feelings of not being able to have professional success to give. explains himself that the chosen profession was not the one they liked or corresponded to the concerns.

In this way, it is important that younger students also feel fulfilled through their choice of career, because they are in a training phase of their personal development.

Here we will go over several key ideas that can benefit those who are in a situation where they have already graduated in a profession or vocation and have discovered that it is not the choice that excites them, and the young people who are in the period of their school life when it is good to make a decision about the career they want to study.

    At what age does vocational guidance start?

    The sooner the better the effects on adolescent training.. But, in addition, it must be clear that the process of finding a vocation is not something that is done only individually, but is a phenomenon based on social interactions.

    Thus, within the course “How to develop one’s professional identity through self-knowledge” that I have been teaching for years, there were groups of middle and high school students who, at the end of the course, were able to notice how they were better. able to discover and reaffirm talents, interests and motivations; they expressed their personal arguments more clearly than why they wanted this profession.

    In addition, during workshop meetings with parents and students, we noticed great enthusiasm to share this information with the family. Letting others know about the type of vocation he felt most inclined towards allowed him to develop a great sense of success.

    Students who participated in this workshop when they were in first or second year of secondary school were satisfied to be placed in their future work plans. They experienced greater confidence and security in their talents and presented challenges facing the first work experience.

      The stages of the process

      What is the process necessary to prepare adolescents and young people for personal development for career choice? The steps are as follows.

      1. Assessment of skills, personal interests, intelligence, personality

      These psychological characteristics are among the most relevant variables choose career opportunities which, because of their characteristics, frustrate the person.

      2. Know and analyze the results obtained in each area

      This task is carried out with the mentor and the objective is identify and reaffirm the talents that the person already manifests in every opportunity they have had as part of their school, social, family, recreational and sports experience.

      3. Identify areas of opportunity

      This helps develop other talents what will be necessary for the interests that you have already discovered.

        4. Focus on self-information to get to know yourself

        That is to say, become aware of their experiences which allowed him to develop mentally, emotionally and physically.

        5. Identify how you developed motivation

        At this stage he explores the subject of why his interests have arisen towards certain fields, to see clearly what are his motivations that push him to feel the desire to know or learn something new.

        6. Carry out actions and reflections to develop a feeling of success

        This it helps generate feelings of security, self-confidence and positive self-esteem, so that you can take the opinions of your friends, family or relatives to help you assess your decision and these ideas do not create doubt or confusion.

        7. Integration of information

        Check areas of interest as often as needed go structure your decision.

        8. Notify parents or legal guardians

        The aim here is to guide parents through that they can accompany and contain your child in this process.

          The process of preparing and setting expectations

          Going through this process prepares the student to be more responsible for himself, to develop self-management in the face of his goals and interests, and to strengthen his self-esteem and self-knowledge. These are important resources for training in personal development.

          From here you will see the real possibilities that exist in the academic and professional field for that he can make a free decision based on his inner exploration and self-knowledge. All this while advising parents to collaborate and participate in the orientation process by being duly informed of the educational reality so that they can have confidence in the choice of their children.

          For the development of young people at this stage, it is considered that an appropriate process for each young person in the choice of career can guarantee the satisfaction of his decision, allowing you to achieve feelings of achievement and self-actualization.

            What happens when a race has already started?

            But … what about the young people who have not been able to go through this process and are at a crucial time in their life, seeing that they are not able to have a productive life because they are are deceived in their choice of career and develop feelings of dissatisfaction, demotivation, worries, fears, insecurities, anxiety and sadness, unable to find a new meaning in their life?

            In these cases, it is recommended to go to psychotherapy to find meaning in their life. This goes through :

            • Change your understanding of the fears, anxieties, insecurities that prevent you from taking action and make a desire that comes to the person.
            • Discovering what prevented him from discovering himself and being able to choose a future that offers him personal and professional satisfaction so that he can rebuild the present.
            • Build the experiences that generated this emotional crisis, so that there is a learning of what is no longer functional and that you can develop your sense of success through new academic or professional opportunities.
            • Get rid of feelings of frustration to manage your creativity towards new interests.
            • Develop your self-esteem.
            • Have referrals, success stories, and support networks with people who fuel your sense of success.
            • Slowly start doing activities that you really enjoy.

            With these actions, which can be carried out in a session with an expert or in self-management, you can initiate a change by discovering that you have everything at your fingertips to find new ways to develop in life.


            We can conclude that not all young people succeed in developing good self-knowledge, with a sense of achievement that nourishes their self-esteem and a security that allows them to make a decision without feeling influenced by the desires or interests of their parents which distance them from their true being. However, there are resources to redirect these situations.

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