What to do if your child tells you they want to be a gamer, youtuber or streamer

Once upon a time, there were parents who banned their son from playing video games. Mark was a competitive young man who excelled in various sports and competitions. He won so much that, to win, he even won a draw in which he was drawn neither more nor less than… A video game console!

He grew up and emancipated himself, started playing and working for a video game company. Of course, Mark Merril’s fate may seem doomed to addiction, but nothing could be further from the truth: he decided to start a business and ended up creating what is, to date, the most played and competitive video game in the world: The League of Legends.

    Assess the risks and opportunities for success

    This fable based on real events helps us frame three points.

    The first is that total coercion in the use of video games is good. it can be counterproductive.

    The second is that where there is more use of video games, there will always be more chances of more problems, but nothing bad should happen necessarily.

    And the third is that in the 2000s, when Mark Merril began his phase of greater involvement in video games, there was no awareness of a successful path; today there is, and in addition, we can channel this motivation into a career related to gambling.

      The real way if your child wants to become a gamer, youtuber or streamer: the progressive way

      We cannot understand the competitive path in video games without reaching the general public. As can be seen from the graph, most of the profits from esports come from sponsoring or sponsoring certain brands in the form of advertising.

      Thus, creating content that reaches audiences is above competitive performance in video games, and content creation involves the need to dive and learn the following specific knowledge:

      • Social media management.
      • Marketing.
      • Market research.
      • Graphic design.
      • Video montage.
      • Technical knowledge of audiovisual and IT infrastructure.
      • Communication skills.

      These realistic expectations serve to frame the starting point of the progressive path. Lower everything to the practical domain: if we let our youngster play video games 10 hours a week, you will have to sacrifice the 10 hour time to undertake your personal brand in the world of gaming and content creation.

        Support your learning

        Being able to sacrifice playing time to raise the personal brand is a very good sign of real motivation. Now, here as parents, we have to put the batteries to really realize that our child really takes it, and therefore, we have the responsibility to accompany him in this process, especially if he starts as a child. major.

        This is why we have to take this opportunity to learn in parallel with our children a bit of each of the previously identified industries, as well as specific knowledge of their field of play or content creation topics.

        Once this first step is well accomplished, we can agree (even by written contract) that if of these 10 hours of play per week, 5 are still invested in your personal brand (and you see positive growth or returns) and 5 in the game, we will be able to value the extension, very gradually, of this time of involvement, and being always subject to educational and social obligations, mental and physical health.

        The result of this well-trodden path is a brutal apprenticeship in all respects; a process which confronts our children with the effort necessary to “make a space” and with the reality of the market (market where competitiveness is very high since it is something accessible today to almost everyone). What do you bring that is different and valuable?

        From Gamewell we have educational courses for parents and gamers fun and dynamic facts; and if they still need help channeling this world in a healthy way, they can contact a professional. Neither castration nor debauchery, healthy and responsible use. And in fact, healthy use will lead us to persevere more and perform better.

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