“Bath salts”: discovering the terrible cannibal drug

Bath salts: The cannibalistic drug spreads in the West and with it its terrible effects on consumers.

When in 2012, Rudy Eugene, 31, was gunned down for walking the streets of Miami naked, attacking a vagrant and ripping off 75% of his face, a drug attracted the attention of the US media due to the terrible nature of the crime.

The news brought to light a hallucinogen known as “bath salts” and became a cannibalistic drug. Although often described as the “new LSD,” bath salts actually have little in common with the hallucinogen that became popular in the 1960s. Both drugs are synthetic drugs, but the similarities do not apply to the major ones. drug effects.

The active component of the cannibalistic drug

While the main effect of LSD is create hallucinations and visual distortions in the perception of time and spaceDepending on the dose used, “bath salts” are actually an amphetamine-like chemical, containing methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and pyrovalerone.

This change in its composition, of course, means that its integration into the human nervous system has different consequences, because the repercussions it has on the way our neurons pick up and emit neurotransmitters are different, as is the case. when legal psychotropic drugs are provided.

The effects of bath salts

Bath salts can be smoked, inhaled, or injected. Hallucinations can be a side effect, but the main effects are similar to those of other stimulants, such as cocaine, glass, or methamphetamine. The main psychoactive effects include a increased alertness, euphoria, restlessness, high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Consumers agree in describing the tremendous strength, the inhibition of pain, and the extreme internal heat that causes them to undress. But these are only the less harmful effects, as serious effects such as aggression, paranoia, psychosis, depression, suicidal thoughts and even death have often been reported. As a result, several people have turned this substance into something known as the “cannibalistic drug”: its consumption leads to loss of a stable view of reality and confusion, combined with the aggressiveness induced by the effects of the substance in the areas of limbic system, can lead to brutal assaults.

Although this substance is known as bath salts, it has nothing in common with the substances people use to relax in the tub. In the drug market, bath salts are also known by other names such as red dove, violet, moon wave, pure ivory, cannibalistic drug, ivory wave, vanilla sky , blessing or white lightning.

A drug that spreads due to several factors

The cannibalistic drug is relatively inexpensive and can be found in the market for $ 20 (15 euros). Bath salts have been linked to an alarming increase in emergency room visits across the United States.

Patients with the syndrome known as “excited delirium” after consuming bath salts may also suffer from dehydration, Deterioration of muscle tissue and renal failure. But most alarming is the extreme aggression presented by consumers, which has been compared to cannibalistic acts because of their brutality.

The first results indicate that this synthetic substance has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Consumers of bath salts have reported that the drug triggers intense desires (Or a compulsive urge to use the drug again) and it is highly addictive. Frequent consumption can lead to tolerance, addiction and severe symptoms of withdrawal syndrome if you suddenly stop taking the cannibalistic drug.

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