Benefits of treating cocaine addiction at a specialized addiction center

Cocaine addiction is one of the most widespread addictive disorders in Western societies, given that this substance is among the most widely used illegal drugs in countries such as Spain, where it also has one of its main routes of entry into Europe .

Its popularity is such that despite being bought and sold clandestinely, it enjoys a certain level of acceptance and standardization in many social areas and its presence is common in almost all socio-economic segments.

But this process of normalization should not lead to deception: the effects of this psychostimulant substance are very harmful to physical and mental health, so before the first signs of addiction it is essential to consult a professional as soon as possible. In this sense, we will review here a the main benefits of treating cocaine addiction at a specialized addiction centerthe type of health center best equipped to intervene in these cases.

    Why is it important to go to specialized addiction centers when it comes to cocaine?

    Below we outline the main benefits that exist when treating cocaine addiction at a chemical addiction center or clinic.

    1. Possibility of having specialized professionals

    The first advantage that we find in the treatment of cocaine addiction in a specific center for this purpose, both in the form of residential treatment and periodic therapy sessions, is to be able to count on professionals of all types specialized in our problem.

    Its treatment must be thorough and methodical, carried out at all times by specialized professionals who can have full control of the dependent person during the process. Cocaine addiction is not a “health problem” in the abstract, but a pathology with its own peculiarities and which has been the subject of specific investigations for decades.

    This is why it is so advisable to treat cases of cocaine addiction in specialized addiction treatment centres, where professionals with years of experience in applying the best proven effective therapies work together.

    The intervention in this type of centers is usually carried out jointly by multidisciplinary professionals who will attend in a totally individualized way and adapted to the needs of the client, to all their needs or deficiencies.

      2. Possibility of having access to the entrance

      Admission to a specialized addiction center is one of the most effective forms of treatment available for cocaine addiction, as well as any type of chemical or substance use-related addiction.

      Admission allows anyone with addiction problems to disconnect from the routines that maintained the addiction and gradually integrate all kinds of healthy habits and new routines that allow them to overcome the addiction little by little, within the framework of a supervised context, designed to cover the specific needs of dependent people, and in which there is constant support.

      Reception is also an essential tool for detaching the person from the physical and social environment in which they previously lived and which helped them to continue to maintain addictive behavior; that is, all those contacts and environments that exerted a bad influence on him by offering him constant incentives to continue consuming.

        3. Learning routines with therapeutic potential

        Going to a center specializing in addictions also allows us, particularly in the form of residential treatment, acquire a series of activities with therapeutic potential, stimulating and motivating that help to overcome addiction.

        These skills, activities or habits are taught by the professionals of the center, where we can train them daily until integrating them daily into our daily life outside the center. They provide a pathway to a lifestyle in which drugs are no longer the primary motivator, providing motivators that are not based on discomfort avoidance (abstinence) but on the promotion of one’s own personal development: learning a sport, getting involved in artistic activities, etc.

        4. Allows family members to get involved

        In detox centers, it is common for professionals to work closely with family members of the person with the addiction, to achieve a much more comprehensive and profound detoxification process.

        The communication protocols applied in this type of center involve family members so that they can also help and do their part from home with your loved one who may have cases of addiction.

        The families of the patient also receive a series of behavioral guidelines and daily habits with which they can help the addict to overcome their addiction on a daily basis.

          5. Opportunity to establish friendships and social connections

          If you wish it, in professional detox centers it is possible to meet other patients with similar problemswith whom we can establish lasting friendships and emotional ties.

          The friendships that are made during a process of addiction and detoxification can take the form of residential treatment or group psychological therapy.

          These connections between people who have the same issue in their lives usually end up being very deep and meaningful, and whether or not they end up generating lasting friendships, they provide a context of mutual motivation and exposure to examples in which they see insights and guidance.

          6. Possibility of access to medical and psychotherapeutic treatment

          Another of the advantages offered by the specialized treatment of cocaine addiction is the possibility of receiving a mixed intervention in both the medical/psychiatric field and classical psychotherapy.

          This dual-track intervention offers a greater likelihood of successbecause the professional approaches the problems of his client in the most complete and integrative way possible, always applying up-to-date therapies based on scientific evidence.

          7. Benefits of group therapy

          In a rehab center specializing in cocaine, one can also have access to group therapy with other patients with the same problem as us and directed by a qualified professional.

          Group therapy has increasingly demonstrated its success in addiction cases and some of the benefits it offers are: the opportunity to learn techniques and guidelines of all types from other patients, to be modeled or example of inspiration for other people with our same problem and the establishment of social and emotional bonds that promote a therapeutic effect in each member of the group.

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