Can Self-Esteem Affect Addiction?

You may never have wondered if, in reality, the way you see yourself can influence the possibility of developing an addiction, whether to a substance or a behavior. This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

It should be noted, although this is something we have already stated in other previous articles, that in the development of addiction there can be a large number of factors that influence it, and yes, l self-esteem, the way we see ourselves. themselves, is one of those determining factors. Therefore, let’s see how addictions and self-esteem interact.

    Why is self-esteem so important as a factor in the development of addictions?

    We can say that self-esteem is the perception that the individual has of his own worth. It has been described as an “emotional and cognitive assessment of oneself as a human being”. influences the way people feel and perceive themselves, but also influences the way they act with others.

    It is easier for people with acceptable levels of self-esteem to feel much better in all areas of their lives. It is also important to point out that a person’s self-esteem has a lot to do with their experiences and experiences, as it is not the same to have gone through negative situations as not to have done it. This it can cause guilt and other feelings that can make you perceive yourself in a way that is not real and that can end up hurting you.

    What’s really negative about all of this is that if that low self-esteem lasts too long, it can lead to the development of an addiction that makes you feel better.

      Self-esteem is the key

      Not perceiving yourself positively influences all areas of our life. Everything we do, think and say is wrong, nothing can be right because we can not do anything right. We can’t help it, that’s what we feel, and therefore we act on it.

      To give an example, in the event that a boy lives in an environment where he is always told, no matter how hard he tries, that he is not doing anything right, for many years he will listen. This continuous bombardment will sooner or later internalize the idea that it is true, that he is not doing anything right, and little by little and unwittingly, he adapts his behavior to this belief which, for him, is a absolute.

        Addictions and self-esteem: what relationship?

        Self-esteem can be achieved in the short term by external validation, which can lead to a lack of motivation and low self-esteem. On the other hand, others believe that high self-esteem leads to the independence and confidence necessary for positive mental health.

        It is important to note that we cannot always control the impact of our actions on our sense of identity. The relationship between addictions or negative behaviors such as drug addiction and low self-esteem has been studied for a long time, and there are, as we said earlier, many factors involved in this relationship, such as environment, genetics, past experiences, social environments … It seems plausible that these factors can contribute to the development of addictions in some people.

        Really, it’s the fish biting its tail, a vicious cycle in which one aspect feeds on the other: when you don’t value yourself, you look for a way to ease any discomfort you generate. You do that with alcohol, drugs, or any other addictive object, but on the other hand, when you use, you feel bad because you do it, and again, you are at the starting point.

          As an addiction, it can affect the mind and body

          Drug addiction is a term that refers to any type of behavior or substance that an individual uses to satisfy a psychological or physiological need. Although it does not always lead to physical dependence, it can lead to mental and emotional dependence on the substance or addictive behavior, which has long-term health consequences.

          The brain is affected by addiction in different ways, which can lead to health problems such as anxiety, depression, and even suicide attempts.

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