Cocaine in the world of transport

Unfortunately, drugs and addiction are more prevalent in our society today than we would like. There is no sector of our society that is free to suffer this scourge among its professionals, and in addition, there are sectors in which having a drug addiction is more dangerous than others.

Be careful, drug addiction is always dangerous, whatever your sector of activity, but If, for example, you work in the world of transport, there is an additional risk, that is to say the possibility of driving a vehicle when you are stationary. That’s what we mean.

It is a fact that cocaine addiction is a widespread problem that affects people in a very big way, not allowing them to live it in a healthy and balanced way. However, today we want to talk about cocaine in the world of transport and its professionals.

    Cocaine in the field of carriers

    As we told you, seeing truckers using coca is more common than it first appears, and it has a lot to do with the effects of this drug on the body. These are effects that appear to the addict within minutes and can be very appealing at first.

    One of these effects we talk about is the feeling of euphoria. When cocaine is consumed, the drinker feels energized and euphoric. However, this feeling can be misleading and can lead to bad decisions, which can be very dangerous for the life of the driver and other people on the road.

    The second of the effects we want to highlight is the feeling of being alert, of have all attention mechanisms super activatedsomething that can also lead to many problems while driving.

    There is a third effect of the drug on carriers, which is none other than that it makes you stop being hungry and sleepy. It is dangerous, especially on long journeys. It is necessary to take breaks to sleep and eat, so that all the faculties are perfect to respond and react in case it is necessary to any unforeseen events that may occur while driving.

    The three effects we have mentioned can lead the driver to overestimate himself and his abilities, which can endanger him, but also others. You may think you don’t need to stop or rest, or that you can relax behind the wheel because you feel like you can do anything. In a way, that makes sense, because many times (most) the carrier is subject to timetables and must respect them. And that’s why he uses cocaine.

    The thing is, despite those feelings, it’s just a perception. It’s not true. It has been shown that cocaine does not provide these faculties, but on the contrary, it not only causes these capacities not to improve, but that they undergo a continuous decline. In addition, after the effect, others will appear such as irritability (extremely dangerous while driving) or lack of concentration (equally dangerous).

      A short-term solution that can become a real problem

      That is, nothing more and nothing less than what cocaine is in a carrier. The job is hard, as we know, because it requires you to stay away from home for a long time.

      By company, the only thing that gets carried away in the vast majority of cases is a radio, and in addition, when the routes already ring us for having done them many times, we can relax, that if we add it to coca consumption, the result can be fatal.

      You have to work, especially if you do that, to endure the loneliness of the truck without falling into drugs. For this, you can listen to the radio, sing, stop from time to time to chat with other people… everything is valid as long as you don’t fall into the consumption of coke.

        Avoid risks

        Not to mention the risks of drug addiction, it must be said that consuming while driving can literally cost you your life. To you and other drivers.

        All it takes is a little recklessness or recklessness do it because you feel almighty “thanks to” coca. Of course, it is better not to consume, but these little instructions can also help:

        • Speak to your company so that it does not give you more hours than recommended.
        • Transport objects in the truck that help you relax and have fun (discs, books, films for your mobile devices, etc.).
        • A well-charged cell phone so you can talk on break with your family or play a game.

        To conclude, we want to highlight the great danger of cocaine use when working in the transport world. Do not fall into the trap.

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