Cocaine stripes: components, effects and dangers

Joan was a 17 year old boy when he started using cocaine. At that time, he smoked cannabis and drank alcohol like many young people do today, but sometimes he “would grab a gram of cake to last longer”, as he himself claims. Over the years, he consumed more often, and even sniffed a few streaks at work because it made him feel “more hip,” in his own words.

At 30, he was on the verge of death. Everything happened in a hurry, surprised by a police check, Juan swallowed 3 grams of cocaine so that the officers of the authority in possession of this drug do not catch him. After swallowing it, the bag containing the medicine was opened and within seconds Joan had a heart attack. Minutes later, he suffered two more heart attacks, until luckily he could be stabilized in hospital, resuscitated by paramedics. Like Joan, it is common for many people to risk their lives using drugs, and cocaine is a favorite among consumers. But what does it carry in a sequence of this substance? In today’s article, we reveal it to you.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive type of drug that belongs to the group of stimulants. Although it is often associated with a white sniffing powder, coca can also be injected or smoked, the latter is known as “basuco” or “paco”. In the street, the cake receives different names, for example “farlopa”, “farlis” or “snow”.

When we talk about a line (or cleca) of cake, we refer to the line of white powder that is preparing to be sniffed. Sometimes a smaller line is also made, then soaked in cigarette saliva, it is glued to be smoked. It is called “Chinese”. Coca is a substance extracted from coca leaves (usually chewed in South America) and was originally used as a pain reliever.

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Cocaine, a deadly powder

Joan tells us: “At first, I ate cake because it made me euphoric, it made me feel good, I was very focused and energetic. It’s crazy, because after a while I had need to take it daily. problems: I have lost good friends and family and have ruined myself financially. “

Cocaine is probably one of the most dangerous drugs for humans because it is highly addictive.. The profile of the cocaine addict is different from that of other drugs, such as heroin addict, who are physically broken and often find themselves isolated in slums. The cocaine addict can lead a normal and busy life in upper middle class neighborhoods because cocaine use is expensive and therefore not available to everyone.

The negative consequences of cocaine use

When someone becomes addicted to cake, they have serious difficulty quitting, as they become mentally and physically trapped in this psychoactive substance. Hhi day, cooking is a billionaire business, but it destroys many lives.

The profile of the consumer includes different ages, but health problems appear at all stages of life. People who consume coca can suffer from respiratory problems, cardiovascular and stroke infarctions, cerebral hemorrhages, among other negative consequences for their health. However, cocaine use continues to increase around the world.

What’s inside a cocaine line?

But what is he carrying in a line of cocaine? Are consumers of this drug really aware of what they are taking? When a person buys drugs on the street, they don’t really know that they are inside this illegal substance because it doesn’t go through any control. This allows the camels to be able to add substances (often harmful) in order to reap greater economic benefit..

The truth is, contrary to what many believe, the coca line contains everything but cocaine. according to Diario de Galicia, In a line of cake can only be between 5% and 40% of this substance. Also, inside you can find traces of gypsum, rat killers, pesticides or detergents.

The cake arrives in Spain with a purity of 80% but here it is “cut” to produce greater economic benefit. If traffickers are aware that a percentage must be maintained so that drugs do not lose value in the market, it may happen that in coastal areas very poor quality cocaine is sold to foreigners or to foreigners. strangers.

What is cocaine used for?

Cocaine is cut with different substances, some of which are very dangerous. Here is a list of substances that are added to a cocaine line:

  • amphetamines
  • plaster
  • Tetracaine
  • Benzocaine
  • pain relievers
  • antihistamines
  • opioids
  • Iniston
  • sugars
  • Phencyclidine
  • ephedrine
  • Borax (detergent)
  • lactose
  • Speed
  • Almax
  • Talcum powder

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