Crack (drug): its effects and consequences of its consumption

The world of drugs shows us day after day that, under certain circumstances, human behavior can become as irrational as it is self-destructive. Falling over and over again into the use of an addictive substance that gradually takes over one’s own life is an example of how a single habit is capable of robbing our freedom, without having to be. to close.

Of course, not all drugs are equally addictive and destructive to the body itself. Usually, those consumed mainly by the lower classes are those which have the most toxic and drastic effects on the body. In this article, in particular, we will see what the drug known as crack looks likeOne of the most common variations of cocaine.

    Crack: “the cocaine of the poor”

    The drug commonly known as crack is a variant of cocaine which it’s usually made by boiling cocaine hydrochloride and baking soda together. When water comes out as a vapor, the remaining glass deposit is this substance.

    The crack is usually sold in the form of a stone made up of tiny crystals, and a powder can easily be created from this material. Additionally, although the crack is associated with white, these crystals can be virtually any color. However, the degrees of purity of cracks vary considerably and it is usually mixed with very different substances, Such as talc or amphetamines.

    It is a recreational drug and, due to its illegal marketing, can be sold completely adulterated and with potentially fatal elements with just one use.

    Way of consuming

    Unlike striped cocaine, crack is consumed by inhaling, heating and smoking it, Usually with a hose or similar object. The name of this medication comes from the crackling sound that occurs when heated.

      The effects of this medication

      Crack is one of the variants of cocaine with the strongest effects on the body. On the one hand, this substance reaches the brain faster than conventional cocaine. In fact, it makes contact with nerve cells in the brain within seconds, and in less than a minute the effects reach their peak.

      This peak or “subidón” also lasts very little, So that in a period of 5 to 15 minutes, the person who has taken crack notices how the euphoria wears off and remains in a state of exhaustion and discomfort.

      This is because when the peak of the euphoric effects generated by the fissure occurs, the brain he’s flooded with dopamineWhile when the effects of the drug wear off, the amount of this neurotransmitter drops to lower levels than it was before consumption.

        Common symptoms of its consumption

        Some of the most common effects of crack use are feeling euphoric, panic attacks, insomnia, hallucinations, delusions of persecution and paranoia. And, among the more serious effects are seizures, psychotic flare-ups, and cardiovascular events resulting from the sudden increase in heart rate.

        In practice, people who use crack meet all the characteristics of drug addicts who take action by simply following all the steps to take to use it again as quickly as possible. These behaviors include attempts to steal money, dismantle schedules, and difficulty staying in the workplace, deterioration of emotional and social relationships, Including those involving friends and family, and so on.

        When it comes to cognitive and emotional symptoms, mood swings and denial of the problem are common because showing this “weak spot” is seen as something that can prevent others from using crack again. In these brief moments of euphoria, the crack cocaine user frequently shows joy and full confidence in their own abilities (often to the point of delusional extremes), while when the effect wears off, depressive symptoms and insecurities appear. Needless to say, the more time you spend using crack, the worse the prognosis and the harder it will be to stay away from the drug.

        The addictive potential of crack

        As we have seen, crack has both immediate and fleeting euphoric effects. This, in practice, makes those who consume it try take another dose of this medicine a few minutes after consuming, Since the changes in the body occur very suddenly.

        Crack is currently believed to be one of the most addictive drugs for both types of habit. they are favored by this immediacy of the effects, As to its chemical composition and how quickly addiction can appear. Indeed, less than 3 glasses are able to generate a strong desire and a general malaise due to the absence of this drug in the blood.

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