Detoxification treatment in the VOCID-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic very quickly put us in a scenario of uncertainty and vulnerability that we did not expect.

One night we fell asleep with a strange mixture of relative normality and worry, and we woke up the next morning with many rules governing our world and our known reality had already changed.

Faced with this new confusing paradigm, We’re all (addicted and not) stuck, we log out. If we want to adaptively overcome, we will have to do a good personal job and support each other in this area with the right professionals.

Since the state of alarm was declared, and with it the onset of childbirth, there are many people with different diseases and pathologies who go through it very badly. People with substance abuse problems are no exception. However, it is also true that dependent people must make an effort to rationalize and relativize the discomfort linked to their situation of confinement.

    How to deal with detoxification treatment in the face of the coronavirus health crisis

    The low tolerance for frustration, impulsiveness and anxiety that characterize addictive behaviors are fatal companions in this context of a global pandemic. However, we must be aware that no matter how uncomfortable and annoying it may be for everyone, we cannot categorize this situation as disaster just because we are locked up for health security reasons.

    Looking around and sympathizing with the lives of others we can find many very precarious personal situations and illnesses that this new reality means something really catastrophic in terms of treatment and evolution. If we stop to look at the reality of people who have unfortunately been infected, ill, in an intensive care unit and who have even died, our overflow becomes something ridiculous, almost bordering on disrespect for our fellow human beings.

    People with addiction problems in these days of detentionThey do or do not actively consume (I wouldn’t say it can be worse), but what is clear is that their personal and especially family situation at home will be even more complex than usual. In this context, discussions, crises and conflicts of a much higher intensity and repercussion can arise due to the confinement situation (stress, consumer anxiety, etc.).

    If you are reading this, have an addiction problem, and are having a hard time, I invite you to do some thinking with a constructive mind.

    How do you expect to experience this situation if you had already undergone rehabilitation treatment?

    You would probably be ready to deal with it in a more mature, consistent, and adaptive way. You would have more self-control over your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and skills to deal with anxiety.

    You probably now have multiple issues related to substance use anxiety, withdrawal syndrome, substance abuse and substitution, issues with family, neighbors, authorities for non-compliance, etc.

    Don’t you think that the evil you are going through indicates to you the need to make a change in your life?

    From all experience, one can (and should) always learn from learning, especially from those who clearly show us our shortcomings and limitations.

    This can be a great time to consider making a change and preparing for treatment. it will help you to break away from slavery and the slavery of addiction. Maybe this global crisis, for all its bad things, can be the starting point to break with the past and make a good decision.

    The need for therapeutic support

    During these days, in Llaurant La Llum we have a lot of contact with former patients who, to date, are completely rehabilitated. We are happy to see how they are able to deal with this situation of abstinence and personal stability, a way of dealing with very different problems than they unfortunately had before carrying out their program, full of the anxiety of consuming and / or everything. types of alterations for consuming.

    In these turbulent times we can access a wide range of (very appropriate) tips and recommendations on the web on how to stay active, busy, maintain a good attitude, the importance of controlling our thoughts and knowing how to get them. lead so that we have a better emotional state … all of this is very useful as a guide for people without major pathologies, however for people with a disease as complex as drug addiction, immediate treatment is needed it helps them to reorient their situation, and in these times more than ever.

      Fighting addictions during a pandemic is possible

      At Llaurant La Llum (Office of the therapeutic and ambulatory community), we respond by adapting to current circumstances promote preventive protocols to curb the effects of the coronavirus crisis and ensure the health safety of our patients. We continue to work through an intensive program that our therapeutic team has adapted to current circumstances.

      We have always done this, but more than ever we are asking patients and their families to make sure they come to treatment in centers duly registered and approved by the competent health authorities.

      This guarantees, on the one hand, quality standards in the treatment to be received, the quality of the facilities, methodologies, professionals … On the other hand, there is a very important issue at present in the search for a detoxification center: ensure that the center in question has preventive health and safety protocols for the coronavirus pandemic.

      Plowing the light we have all the measures and protocols established by the reference public health services. In addition, we have put in place a series of objective measures to ensure the peace of mind of our current and future patients.

      Therefore, we make available (mandatory) to anyone wishing to enter our center, tests to verify that they have not been infected with the virus. Specifically, two tests are performed, a laboratory, and in the case of this first refusal, a rapid validation test is performed as a second at the time immediately before admission.

      From the moment of entry, it ensures that the person is in a safe environment from a health point of view and intensive treatment is considered approximately 12 weeks during which detoxification, detoxification and relapse prevention are discussed. We are in a privileged environment surrounded by nature where we can carry out multiple sports activities, in addition to having all the telematic means to maintain a fluid and effective relationship with the family, make personal arrangements, access training …

      All healthcare professionals have a role to play in this coronavirus crisis and those of us who work in the field of plowing light addiction will continue to provide the necessary service to the patients and families who need it during these difficult times.

      “We stopped this virus together” … And the addiction too.

      Author: José Miguel Camacho Fernández-Medina, coordinator of the therapeutic community plowing the light

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