Do electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Steaming or smoking with vaporizers has become fashionable among certain sections of the population.

Some teens start vaping because it “looks cool” and people don’t look at them as badly as if they were smoking traditional cigarettes or leeks. And many of the people who start vaping are (tobacco) smokers trying to quit, using them as some sort of replacement therapy for something seemingly less harmful.

But is it true that going to the gym helps to quit smoking? Let me see.

    Is steam bad for your health?

    Steam is much less harmful in the short term than smoking tobacco. Corn it is not good for your health.

    Electronic cigarettes work by burning different substances, which creates aerosols containing harmful substances.

    Reasons why vaping is not a good way to quit smoking

    The United States of America Preventive Services Working Group concluded that there is not enough scientific evidence to recommend the use of electronic cigarettes as an effective way to quit smoking. Let’s see why.

    1. Maintain smoking habits

    Smoking tobacco is highly addictive, not only because of the nicotine, but also because of other elements that make it easier to build the habit. When a person lights and smokes a cigarette, there is a whole series of rituals and mechanical and repetitive gestures. Repeating these formulas will establish any habit.

    So, when you surf, you keep a lot of elements. When you feel yourself ‘smoking’ you respond to that sensation by taking the vaporizer out of your pocket, the steamy sensation in your throat and nose (and all the associated flavors and smells, which in the case of vapors are generally pleasant, smell of fruit, etc.).

    Put all of these together, and you have a product that will continue to take advantage of those keys to make the person dependent on it.

      2. From traditional cigarette to e-cigarette, and from e-cigarette to traditional cigarette

      There is no scientific evidence to suggest that smokers who start to smoke quit or even quit. Among smokers who have switched to vaporizers with the intention of quitting, many ended up returning to tobacco soon after (or smoke and steam at the same time).

      This is because because the smoking and vaping experiences are so similar, the person maintains the “smoking habit”, but with very little or no nicotine. This, in many cases, causes the smoker to “know little” and ends up increasing the consumption of vapors, and eventually reverting to traditional cigars to regain their nicotine fix.

        3. Vaping is not a good way to quit smoking because the person is still smoking

        Many of my therapy patients (who have used e-cigarettes before) tell me how they ended up buying tobacco again. at some point of crisis, vulnerability, anxiety.

        Electronic cigarettes had simply kept them very close to tobacco, sometimes buying these products in the same place where they sold tobacco. The return to tobacco was therefore too easy.

        4. Steam is smoking

        Steam is smoking. When a smoker starts vaping, they may be sending themselves the implicit idea that they will never quit. Vapeges because you don’t know how to stop feeling the need for it.

        If you want to quit smoking you cut down on what you smoke to quit smoking. Using vaporizers as a substitute creates a false sense of security.

        It’s like when someone who wants to lose weight, instead of stopping buying mayonnaise, they just switch to “light” mayonnaise. The impact of this change on your health will be minimal, and the main problem, which cannot eat without abusing ultra-processed sauces, remains unanswered.

          5. You continue to be a slave to tobacco

          Most vaporizers (vaporizers, oils, etc.) are products of the tobacco companies themselves. It is just another formula for continuing to milk (smoker) cows and continue to contribute financially to one of the least ethical industries in human history.

          6. You are distracted by the actual treatments

          By using vaping as a method to quit smoking, you are moving others effective treatments with proven scientific evidence. If you start vaping on your own, stop seeing your doctor or psychologist for help with smoking cessation treatment.

          Likewise, replacing regular cigarettes with electronic cigarettes does not get you any closer to your goal of quitting, it often takes you away from it.

          How to quit smoking (without steam)

          Vaping as a tobacco substitute does not work. Electronic cigarettes do not help people quit smoking. They just distract them for a while until they quit smoking again.

          A a real smoking cessation treatment, will help you:

          • Study and understand your drinking habits.
          • Learn how to manage anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal syndrome.
          • Apply effective (proven) smoking strategies.
          • Design relapse prevention strategies tailored to your specific case, so you don’t have the constant fear of relapse the next day.

          I am Luis Miguel Real, psychologist specializing in addictions. I have helped hundreds of people quit smoking and avoid possible relapse into smoking.

          If you have made a firm decision to quit permanently (forever), please contact me.

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