Gambling addiction is not a game

No, it’s not, and in Seville we know that. There are a lot of people who suffer from gambling addiction i.e. people who suffer from a gambling addiction which can cost them dearly in all aspects of their life.

As with all addictions, Being addicted to gambling requires treatment and therapy tailored to each person’s needs, And it is in this case that Fromm Benestar has been acting and working with gambling addicts in Seville for years.

    What is gambling addiction? That is to say?

    If we were to define gambling addiction, we would say it is an alteration that occurs gradually and continuously in a person’s behavior. The alteration is due to the fact that he feels a need to play which he cannot control.. As they say, gambling is addictive, but luckily it can be treated.

    Gambling addiction is a disease recognized not only by the Department of Health, but also by the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association. We are only providing this information to give you an idea of ​​the extent of gambling addiction.

    This disease has very important consequences, like any other addiction, because he is able to cancel the person’s will and make him lose his sense of responsibility, The one that would lead him not to get carried away by this compulsive behavior.

    And it is that, for the moment, the games of money and chance are a psychopathological problem which affects a not insignificant number of citizens.

    Moreover, gambling or pathological gambling not only influences the behavior and affects the lives of those who suffer from it, but of those around them.

    It is for this reason that treatment for gambling addiction must be adequate and comprehensive. It is essential to have a team of qualified professionalsBut the player must also be able to have a family and friendly environment in which to lean. Even if you don’t believe it, treatment for gambling addiction should include all aspects of the patient’s life, from a biopsychosocial perspective.

    Gambling addiction is not a “vice”

    Gambling is accepted in society as a distractionSomething in which to occupy leisure time, when in fact, can create many mental health issues for those who gamble.

    So here we see a contradiction, because gambling is allowed, but not for minors, so it is already becoming clear that this is something that can hurt the person.

    When a player admits his illness, the first thing to do is to blame him, because gambling is a vice that can be stopped, like smoking. This is not true. It’s an addiction.

      How does someone get addicted to gambling?

      First of all, we must point out that it is possible to be addicted to the game on a recurring or continuous basisIn other words, sans is only one-off or continuous. This fact does not explain the degree of dependence of the patient.

      Usually the person starts playing with other people from time to time, going to bingo even with slot machines. Either way, people don’t identify this practice as a dangerous thing, so they continue to do it as a form of entertainment.

      The transition to gambling as a habitual behavior occurs in a period of about two to five months, and when they enter this phase, they will have the illusion that it is something that they can perfectly do. control.

      However, playing regularly will make them think differently about how they would if they weren’t playing in terms of betting and other games.. For example, a player will spend more money each time and it won’t look like they are doing anything wrong. However, it will affect your personal relationships as you will have to hide that this amount of money is being spent.

      On the other hand, this gambling-derived behavior makes him constantly worried about being discovered, or because he feels compelled to gamble to get back whatever is lost, and all of this will continue to weigh on the person. He will go out of his way and try not to gamble to prove that he is not an addict, but sooner or later he will relapse, and he will do so more strongly due to his own frustration.

      Are you looking for therapy to overcome gambling addiction in Seville?

      of Well-being Fromm We recommend that if you or yourself know someone you feel needs help with your gambling addiction, seek out an ally you can trust and know that he or she will provide you with the help you really need. If you would like to know how we work in our therapy center, go to this page.

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