Hearing drugs: are there any sounds that “put us in”?

In his book Cerocerocero, Italian journalist Roberto Saviano defends the idea that the cocaine market dominates the world.

This may not be true, but the fact that a well-known writer can build a book around this idea and remain respected afterwards gives some idea of ​​the power that drugs in general have over our lives. whether we consume or not. .

However, these types of products are limited by their material nature: they are specific items that must be consumed by coming into direct contact with them. Or maybe there is a drug that is sound waves in itself? This idea is what has led to talk in some Internet communities about a type of product known as hearing aids.

I-Doser and digital drugs

In 2007, a program called I-Doser was launched on the market, which began to popularize the concept that the name of this software refers to hearing medications, a bit of what to get a dose from downloadable information at Internet. The idea behind I-Doser is generate altered states of consciousness, some of which may be used to simulate the effects of certain illicit drugs with the advantage of not having harmful effects on the body or causing intoxication or addictions.

The fact that these hearing aids are seen as healthy alternatives to harmful substances can hardly reassure a generation of parents who are new to the internet and who also have no interest in young people getting to know them. With more or less medicinal products – in relation. Let’s see to what extent it is true that the effects that these sounds have on the body are these.

Operation based on binaural audio

The sounds on which the operation of the I-Doser is based have a particularity; they are based on the use of two slightly different sound channels which each go to a different ear (Which is also used in ASMR audios). The different wave frequencies of these two sounds are integrated into each other by our brain as if they fit together, creating the illusion that there is a third. completely different from the other two.

The joint action of these repetitive binaural sounds would cause brain waves in certain areas of the brain to adapt to what is being heard, which would cause certain groups of neurons to start communicating with each other in certain ways and, in some case, to emulate the behavior they would have under the influence of illicit drugs.

In other words, the auditory medicine would skip the stage in which a substance passes into the blood and is metabolized by the body; it would simply act directly on the nerve signals that neurons send to each other and that ultimately they are responsible for having one state of consciousness or another.

Are hearing medications effective?

There are currently no independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals to suggest that hearing medications work as such, and there is at least one experience that shows their ineffectiveness.

However, part of the popularity of this downloadable content is due to the ambiguity of the very concept of the ‘hearing drug’: if drugs are taken away from their ability to generate chemical addictions, side effects and poisoning, what remains. does he? It is not known what it means for a sound to mimic the effects of ecstasy, cocaine or marijuana.. The range of similarities between mental states generated by illegal substances and those produced by hearing medications is as wide as we are prepared to grant this product.

In fact, the relative success of hearing aids is likely to be based on suggestion, that is, our ease of believing what is being sold to us. For example, it has been found that a certain percentage of people tend to believe so much that they have used a drug when in fact they have been given a placebo which reproduces the symptoms which are supposed to be generated by the substance which they are receiving. has been said. they took. In the case of hearing aids, which have been discharged by hundreds of thousands of people, there will always be a percentage of buyers who believe what they have been through is what happens when they take substances that alter consciousness and keep them alive. in online communities and the people around them.

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