How to stop leeks? 5 tips from a specialist

Cannabis is the most widely used and consumed illegal drug in the world. And while a significant part of society condemned the use of this substance as a very dangerous thing (the war on drugs), another sector of society idealized cannabis as a harmless substance with almost magical powers. .

However, no one with two indexes can deny that excessive and uncontrolled cannabis use has caused so many problems for many people.

In this article I tell you 5 basic pillars to be able to overcome addiction to marijuana.

    5 tips to beat leek addiction

    Follow these guidelines to get out of cannabis addiction.

    1. Write down your reasons for wanting to leave the leeks

    Many people are surprised when they try to quit suddenly and cannot take it for two days. The reason is usually that the person hasn’t spent the time necessary to visualize their goal, or why they really want to make the effort to break a habit that they have had for years.

    The greatest difficulty in overcoming any addiction is usually changing the perception of the addictive substance or activity. If the person continues to run out and thinks that stopping leeks is “a waste”, it will be much easier for them to fall back on the medication.

    Take a sheet of paper and take a moment to write down your reasons for wanting to quit marijuana.

    2. Create a healthy lifestyle (exercise and nutrition)

    Human beings are not limited to their desires and goals, it is very important how we treat our body. If a person is not eating properly and leading a very sedentary lifestyle (little or no exercise), they will feel less energetic and less willing to do things. In addition, due to the lack of nutrients and the poor condition of the body, the person’s mind will also not function at full capacity.

    A person who eats poorly and does not exercise is much more likely to develop psychological problems or not overcome the ones they already have (such as cannabis addiction).

    The decision to quit marijuana must be accompanied by comprehensive lifestyle changes of the person. Otherwise, the chances of relapse will be very high.

    Make a list of the healthy changes you want to make in your life and start making them part of your day-to-day life.

      3. Get away from your “comedic” past

      When a person decides to quit using marijuana, it is important that they make other changes that match their new lifestyle.

      Many people who undergo therapy to quit cannabis eventually realize that they have a series of “toxic friendships”, people they can’t cum with if they don’t go “smoked”. Then when they decide to leave the leeks, these people don’t bring anything to life anymore, and it’s not worth keeping in touch.

      Also, hanging out or spending time with people who smoke leeks usually significantly increases the risk of relapse. It is a question of taking stock and choosing new priorities.

      Another problem is that of marijuana paraphernalia and merchandising. T-shirts, sweatshirts, pipes, grinders … constant reminders of marijuana use, which are not worth sticking to after someone makes the decision to change their life.

      Make a list of the people or things that you no longer need in your life if you are not going to continue smoking leeks.

      4. Solve your emotional addiction to leeks

      When working with dependencies, we should never ignore the fact that any substance use will be intrinsically motivated by the desire to escape unpleasant emotions and situations.

      Stress, frustration, boredom, sadness … without realizing it, consumers of leeks get used to smoking whenever they experience unpleasant emotions that they do not really know how to fight. Hence the importance of working hand in hand with a psychologist specializing in addictions.

      The person must learn to deal with these unpleasant emotions in different ways, learn new strategies for dealing with difficult situations in life, do other things to relax or feel pleasure, which at the same time is compatible with a new healthy lifestyle.

      The physical addiction will go away when you go a few weeks without smoking leeks, however. emotional addiction to experiences and memories with marijuana will be at risk for many years to come, if you don’t learn how to work with it.

      The vast majority of people who don’t quit leeks is precisely because they tried to skip this step.

      5. Seek help from an addiction specialist

      I am a psychologist specializing in addictions, And for years, I’ve been helping people get rid of drugs from their lives. If you or a loved one has leek problems, please contact me. You can see more information about my work and contact details in my profile.

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