If you want to quit smoking, you can

How many people do you see at the end of the day on the street with a cigar in their hand? Don’t get me wrong, even though these people say they like to smoke, they are actually addicted.

Tobacco contains many substances that are not healthy for the body at all, and even so, smokers continue to consume it. Maybe it happened to you yourself, or you have people around you who think about it: it’s perfect for any occasion to light up a cigarette and take a few puffs. Well, how can you leave it when you feel like it, because nothing happens.

Now think about it, what really happens when you try to quit smoking? Can you do it without problems or does it cost you work? In addition, our question is: have you ever tried? And here’s another question to answer: what happened when you left?

No, smoking is not a habit. It’s a habit to go for a morning run or read a good book after eating. Smoking is an addiction. And it is very difficult to overcome it and not fall back.

    But is tobacco really an addiction?

    Yes, it is, even if smokers think not. Tobacco addiction comes from nicotine, and like any other addictive substance, it forces you to constantly search for the perfect “excuse”. to catch a skunk. It doesn’t matter if you “chill” after a business meeting or because you “like” smoking.

    When you use nicotine, your body gets used to it and needs it to “feel good”. On the other hand, we must not forget that the simple fact of smoking is considered a social act, and as it is, it is worth redundancy, socially accepted, because nothing happens. We continue to smoke.

      A complicated process

      We don’t want to stop emphasizing that quitting smoking is hard because it’s an addiction, and like other addictions, When you are trying to quit smoking, a number of symptoms can affect you. From irritability to sleep loss, they constitute the symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome. However, each person is different and does not have to affect everyone in the same way.

      It is a fact that the most difficult thing is to overcome the initial periodbecause that’s when the body will ask you the most to smoke, but if you get it, you’ll have a long way to go.

        Is there an easier way to quit smoking?

        No there is not. Beware of miraculous methods you can find out there. However, there are some issues and practices that can help you beat smoking.

        First of all, It is important to know why you want to quit smoking. By eliminating these harmful substances from your body, your body will feel better and some of the problems you had will disappear.

        Let us ask you a question: how many times have you sworn you were going to quit, but on Monday? And what happened when Monday came? Did you leave him? Probably not, and that’s because we don’t set a fixed date (the next one, as close as possible). If you decide to quit smoking, why not do it today? It will always cost you a lot of work, but with a firm decision and a strong will, nothing can stop you.

        On the other hand, there are times when we set goals. And precisely because they are for us, they remain in borage water. However, when you promise someone, when you tell other people that you want to quit, it’s like a commitment you’re making to those people. But not only that, you can also ask for help.

        Avoiding temptation is also a very good practice to quit smoking. For example, if you used to smoke with certain people, stop smoking with them for a while.

        There is a very good motivation these days when the economy is such a complicated subject for many people: smoking is very expensive. The price of tobacco is high and quitting smoking will definitely be an economic relief. Think about it, when you buy tobacco you are literally burning money. If you quit smoking, what you spend in a month on an addiction, you can save or spend on something else. That’s right, Spending the money you wasted on tobacco is another reward for your efforts. And you deserve it. You will enjoy it much more.

          As a conclusion

          Many people will tell you that quitting smoking is very simple because they believe it is simply something you can quit when and how you want. The reality is very different: Tobacco addiction is as complicated as any other, and it takes a lot of effort and help to get there.. But it’s worth it.

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