Opioid addiction

The habits of 20-year-old heroin addicts have changed a lot to this day, in large part due to the advent of “light heroin”. opiates which are issued on medical prescription. They are more accessible than ever and, moreover, they cause abstinence syndrome that is difficult to overcome.

Opioid drugs that are addictive

Details of the actor’s death are coming Philip S. Hoffman, Died at 46, allegedly of a heroin overdose. This case alerts us, not only to overdoses, but to new avenues of addiction.

It seems that this actor quit smoking two decades ago, but treatment with pain killers over the past year has plunged him into a struggle with the addiction engendered by such a drug. Eminences in addiction warn that the use of opiate drugs has changed the landscape of addictions and their relapses.

“Place-” with drugs

Over the past decade, studies of prescription opioid abuse have shown a gradual increase in the United States, and the number of people who admit to using heroin in the past year has doubled since 2007. reaching well over half a million people according to statistics. from the US Department of Health. Experts argue that it is no accident that the recreational use of these drugs has now brought many young people into this dangerous world with unforeseeable consequences.

Even those who quit heroin are surrounded by many more offers than a long time ago. Pills are very easy to get, they don’t require paraphernalia, they don’t smell … it is a perfect medicine for its simple use and consumption.

The first time it is consumed

Countless people are being treated with these correctly prescribed drugs in a proper and safe manner. It has been scientifically proven that there are certain types of patients to whom opioid pain relievers can provide a first contact or a reminder of what it feels like to be placed with opioids. The medical community warns against drugs that activate the anxiety of heroin use in drug addicts who try to stop it, in the same proportion that alleviates the withdrawal syndrome in users.

Drug and alcohol experts estimate that about 50% of heroin addicts who pass through its center have started using prescription opioids. Often times the prescription is correct, but before they know it they are looking for pills illegally.

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