Such are the encounters with supernatural entities for the effects of drugs

Throughout history, encounters with supernatural entities have been described, be they gods, aliens, or beings from other worlds and dimensions.

Such encounters are a key element in all religions, having historically recorded cases as is the case with Saint Teresa of Jesus, but to what extent is modern pharmacology able to explain these events?

Below we will see what are, in general, the characteristics of encounters with supernatural entities for the effects of drugs, Discovery of the specific case of ayahuasca recently the most studied in depth.

    What do we know about encounters with supernatural entities for the effects of drugs?

    Throughout history, many characters have claimed to have had near-death experiences or interviewed supernatural entities. Some of the most notable cases are the mystical-religious experiences of Saint Teresa of Jesus, of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, among many other cases. We don’t know exactly if they took drugs, but the truth is that such experiences have been linked to the use of certain drugs.

    The effects of the active compound of ayahuasca on N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) have recently been studied., A serotonergic psychoactive substance that is to blame for this indigenous drink that lives up to its Quechua name, “the rope of the spirits”. In the culture from which it comes, it is believed that taking ayahuasca causes the soul to free itself from its bodily chains, to leave the body and to travel to other worlds.

    What does ayahuasca do?

    even if the type of paranormal effects that this drug induces is practically the same whether it is the route of consumption or the other, Its duration and scope vary. If consumed orally, that is, as a traditional indigenous drink, its effect can last up to hours. On the other hand, if it is consumed by inhalation or intravenously, its effect is much faster and shorter, peaking at 5 minutes and lasting for half an hour.

    It is curious to know that the active component of ayahuasca, DMT, has been found in the brain of mammals, and the human brain is no exception. It is for this reason that the possibility has been raised that this substance is behind dreams and, since it has hallucinogenic effects, it has been linked to experiences of alien abductions and other supernatural events, such as close experiences. of death. Although this hypothesis still exists, it has also been seen that the endogenous concentrations of DMT are too low, too small to cause a psychotic image.

    Among the most common and striking effects of ayahuasca attributed to DMT we have all kinds of paranormal experiences, especially related to encounters with supernatural entities. Among them we have the encounter with celestial beings, such as gods or their emissaries, science fiction beings such as aliens or monsters and mythological creatures, depending on what creates the individual or is part of their beliefs, both religious and more paranormal.

    Attempts have been made to see to what extent the suggestion might be behind seeing either type of supernatural being after consuming ayahuasca. Surprisingly, and according to various research studies in which people who have used this substance have been interviewed, few dare to try it with the clear intention of meeting a particular being. In most cases, the person planned to test her to find out what she looked like.

    This is striking, as it appears that encounters with supernatural entities associated with the consumption of ayahuasca they are not, for the most part, the result of a prior suggestion coupled with any psychedelic.. There is something about DMT that makes you see things, regardless of what the person creates.

    What are these hallucinogenic experiences like?

    In the specific case of ayahuasca, supernatural encounters after consumption are emotionally intense. In most cases, those who experience them see it as something that leaves nothing indifferent, and they are combined with multisensory sensations, extrasensory perceptions and striking visual effects. Odor and taste perceptions may also appear, as if you are smelling and savoring something real.

    In most cases, after consuming ayahuasca, it is the supernatural organization that initiates the encounter. It speaks to the consumer and can be shown as a celestial being, coming from another world or another dimension, like gods, aliens or even elves. In most cases, the entity is conscious and benevolent, with sacred powers and intentions, able even to “interact” with the real world, in a tone of peace and love, and with the intention of. entrust a mission. In very rare cases this has bad intentions for us.

    Dating is perceived to be more real than reality itself, which affects a person’s belief system and even his conception of the world in which he had lived until that time. In most cases, the experience of ayahuasca is experienced as the most important event in a person’s life, so much that it changed their life. There are not a few cases of convinced atheists who, after trying this native concoction, have joined a religion. After the effects of the drug, many believe that the entity they were interviewed with is real and still exists.

    Based on all that has been said, it is not surprising that, from a more scientific and modern point of view, it is considered the possibility that great religious revelations, like those of Saint Teresa of Jesus, were the product of the effects of DMT. It is hard to imagine that this holy mystic consumed ayahuasca, as the potion was first described by Europeans in texts no later than 1637, and she lived from 1515 to 1582.

    However, given his mystical revelations and those of other “enlightened”, both contemporary and modern, several questions arise: Could he have had a particularly high endogenous DMT? Did you eat anything that contained it? What happened in your brain to see and feel what you saw and heard? Of course, their mystical experiences and those of many more holy and not so holy ones must have a pharmacochemical explanation … or are these supernatural entities really visiting us?

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