The dangerous relationship between alcohol and hospitality

We already know that no one is free from alcohol dependence, work in the sector in which we work, but it is true that suffering from alcohol dependence while working in some can certainly be dangerous.

In this article we are going to talk about something that numerous studies confirm its existence, and it is a reality. We refer to alcohol addiction in the hospitality industry.

Please note that it is important to keep in mind that the industry does not have to be directly related to alcoholism, as fortunately the vast majority of people who work there do not suffer from it. But it is true that there is a percentage of professionals who do it.

    Is there a relationship between hospitality and alcoholism?

    It certainly exists. Yes. But it makes sense, because the schedules within this sector are very wide, and there are two things that combine and can create an explosive mixture: having the time and access to alcohol.

    In addition, on countless occasions, the waiter has to deal with the attention of customers asking for his drinks and he has to maintain a very high work rate. This, without a doubt, can generate a high level of stress in the professional, and, as we have said in other articles on this same platform, this stress can be a trigger for addiction.

    We must also add to this combination that working in the hotel industry is very tiring. It tires you out at the end of the day and you need to relax, and of course you have the bottles very close to you. Why not have a drink if you won the day before? If your boss allows you to do this, of course take advantage of it.

      A break is not the same as a drink

      Or yes. It depends on who we’re talking about. As we said before, the server has very easy access to the drink when he wants it.

      It’s been established, and it’s something no one can deny, that sometimes contact with the public can be very difficult, and that makes the waiter feel like he has to stop, and of course he can think that if he takes a drink, everything will be easier. And he does.

      There is also an aspect to consider. The waiter works in a place where alcohol is consumed and where It’s very easy to drink. So what can be done when this happens?

      First of all, if you feel something is wrong, it is best to ask for help. And second, look for places and spaces to rest and relax that have nothing to do with alcohol.

        Is it possible to work in the hospitality industry and avoid alcohol addiction?

        Of course, it’s even possible to be in rehab and work in a bar. Of course, we guarantee that you will be exposed to the addictive substance you wish to quit. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

        For starters, when you’re a server and you’re in rehab, you have to master ignoring these signs of the drink. It’s a tough and big challenge, but if you succeed, you’ll have a good chance of staying sober or avoiding alcohol addiction. Here are some tips that will help you.

        1. Write on a piece of paper what your intention is

        Sometimes intentions are just intentions. For this reason it is best to write them down and read them before your turn begins in the bar several times out loud. This will make them more present in your head and make it easier for you to face the day.

          2. Always avoid inactivity

          Having time in which you do nothing is dangerous, because you might be tempted to have a drink. Therefore, it is best to avoid them. Scrub glasses, clean floors or fill rooms. Do what you want, but to occupy.

            3. Try not to serve your favorite booze

            Obviously, this it can be a huge temptation. Therefore, if you have companions, when someone asks you for a drink that drives you crazy, try to get it served.

            4. If you have been in contact with other alcoholics, do not serve them

            It is quite possible that people you have already drunk with will arrive at the bar. Serving them can stir something in youand can be a great trigger.

            5. Look for an ally to stay sober at work

            Having someone to support you is essential. Therefore, if there is someone you trust, ask him that helps you not to fall.

            These tips should be easy for most people to follow. We don’t mean that by drinking a beer you will become addicted, just that you always have to be careful not to fall and have problems. If you have symptoms, seek help.

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