The dangers of efilona, ​​a new designer drug

The new synthetic drugs constitute a public health problem which, because of their recent appearance, are confronted with a social context in which adequate prevention strategies have not yet been developed. This fact endangers the lives of many people, usually younger and younger teenagers, who use them for recreational purposes in their free time and ignore the risks of this type of practice.

Among these forms of drug addiction is efilone or ephylone, a substance manufactured in clandestine laboratories and sold in the form of crystals. Its use has been causing health problems for some years, mainly in Western countries, where its popularity continues to grow.

In order to offer service information to anyone who requests it, in today’s article we briefly highlight the main risks associated with the consumption of efilona.

    What is Efilona?

    Ephylone, also known as N-ethylpentilone or bk-EBDP or Ephylone is a synthetic drug derived from cathinonea natural alkaloid from a plant which, when consumed, causes a series of effects in the human organism.

    This substance belongs to the club of new synthetic drugs, among which speed and popper also appear, and because it is one of the most recent discoveries in the world of recreational drugs, its nature and characteristics are still poorly understood.

    The little we know so far is that efilona has stimulating effects on the body similar to the interaction of cocaine and LSD or MDMA or ecstasy; that is why it is considered an entactogenic drug.

    Although each person experiences it differently, once consumed, efilone generates effects shared among users, such as euphoria, increased concentration and sociability, libido or sexual desire, l empathy and affection.

    This set of experiences is due to the effects the drug has on the brain, including the increase of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, neurotransmitters known as “happiness hormones”. stand out.

    As with most recently discovered synthetic drugs, there are also a series of negative effects caused by the consumption of efilona which they can seriously affect the person both physically, emotionally and psychologically.

      Main dangers of efilona

      These are the main dangers of consuming efilona both frequently and widely over time and in a single administration.

      In this list, we will include both adverse health effects and additional dangers associated with the particular characteristics and nature of this new drug.

      1. Ignorance of substance

      Efilona consumption boom has been detected since 2016 and, as we have previously stated, the fact that it is such a new drug prevents medical professionals from having sufficient knowledge of the substance.

      Apart from the lack of knowledge about the effects of the drug on the part of the health services, there is also a lack of knowledge about the implications of the different doses and their long and short term effects.

      All in a nutshell it makes effective intervention in case of overdose impossiblewhich increases the risk of death in all types of inexperienced users.

        2. Easy acquisition

        Currently, efilona can be purchased online, on specialized websites or on social networks, due to its current legal status (it is not considered a prohibited or illegal substance).

        The ease of its acquisition allows you to purchase this substance without having to contact a criminal organization, simply by contacting a distributor or a trusted person.

        3. Legal vacuum

        As it is not an illegal substance due to its short duration of circulation in the world, efilona enjoys, as has been indicated, a legal status which allows distributors to do business with the sale of this substance, even in large quantities.

        The absence of legislation from international organizations and the laws of each country allows the criminal risk of sale and acquisition to be minimal, which facilitates its consumption throughout the world.

        4. No Warranties

        As with any drug or addictive substance that does not go through the most basic monitoring and analysis, it is a potentially dangerous drug for anyone who uses it.

        Its blind and unwarranted sale causes the buyer many times he does not know what he is acquiring and what he is going to consumeand it is common for what is sold as efilona to be adulterated.

        5. Generates addiction

        Frequent consumption of efilona can generate addiction in the user, as it happens with any other similar substance.

        Many synthetic drugs, taken repeatedly, end up progressively destroying the health of the addicted person, both psychologically and physically.

          6. Unexpected side effects

          The main adverse effects that can be found in the consumption of efilona are hallucinations, anxiety, paranoiatime distortion, sweating and muscle twitching.

          These effects can have a greater or lesser effect depending on the characteristics of each person.

          7. It is confused with other drugs

          Efilone is generally sold as if it were MDMA or LSD due to its similar effectsresulting in a wide variety of health risks.

          It is obvious that if a person consumes efilona thinking that it is another substance, they may end up overdosing due to ignorance of the new substance.

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