The rise of addictions during childbirth: the causes and measures to be taken

Much remains to be learned about how, as a society, it has affected us and will continue to affect us. the coronavirus crisis.

The truth is, relatively recently in Western countries we haven’t even considered the possibility of a pandemic shaking our health care system and our economy the way it has. However, there are precedents like the SARS outbreak of 2003, which allow us to get a rough idea of ​​the implications of a health problem of this nature and what happens to many families as a result of the situation in which we are.

In this article, we’ll focus on one of the most worrying aspects of the COVID-19 crisis and the containment measures taken to curb it: increase in drug addiction cases and increased exposure to health problems associated with drug use.

    5 reasons the pandemic increases the risk of drug addiction

    As professionals involved in the treatment of addictions, we see the coronavirus crisis as a challenge to which we must adapt. The context is complicated, but the need to offer support to drug addicts is above all a priority for the moment, as we will see.

    These are the main factors that make the coronavirus crisis a context conducive to addictions to increase their power of harmful influence within the population.

    1. Combination of stress and isolation

    Social alarm over news of the spread of the virus and forecasted economic crisis adds to the fact that for many people it is essential to work harder to make up for losses or to take care of all of them. those who need it (in the case, for example, of health professionals) give rise to a context in which the accumulation of stress is much more frequent than before.

    On the other hand, we know that when stress adds to social isolation, addictions also become more common. In the case of the COVID-19 crisis, social distancing and quarantine measures have taken isolation to the extreme.

    2. Situations of work or family crisis

    The coronavirus pandemic is associated with many types of tragic events that thousands of people have been forced to go through: loss of jobs, death of parents, need to change future plans in anticipation of a context of economic crisis, etc.

    3. Boredom

    Having spent months with a social life marked by the lack of face-to-face moments leads many people to boredom, an experience which, if prolonged without rediscovering habits linked to incentives or exciting projects, makes people run the risk of falling into addictions.

    And it is that starting an addictive relationship with a drug, a game or a video game, for example, is a relatively easy thing and offers a feeling of almost instant gratification (at least at the beginning); therefore it turns out a tempting place for those who feel frustrated about not knowing where to invest their free time.

    4. General worsening of mental health

    Addictions are a type of health disorder it overlaps a lot with almost all psychological disorders in general, reinforcing each other. Thus, as containment measures and the pandemic influence a greater vulnerability to the development of mental problems, these, in turn, increase the risk of developing one or more addictions.

      5. Increased risk of adulterated drugs

      This aspect does not increase the risk of falling into drug addiction, but it does have an impact on their level of danger, which is already high in itself in normal situations.

      Transport restrictions due to cross-border prevention measures created a supply problem for drug trafficking mafias. This causes adulteration of these substances, Mix them with harmful or directly toxic substances, in order to maintain the income level. Of course, it is the consumers who pay the most for the consequences.

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