What are the main substance-free addictions?

Many people struggle with addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol, but not all of them.

Some struggle with hunger or gambling, while others may have difficulty using the Internet or cell phones. And this is the topic we want to talk about in this article.

Many people suffer and struggle with addiction on a daily basis, but not all suffer in the same way. There are two types of addictions: drug addiction and behavioral addiction.. The first concerns the abuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine or caffeine. The second type involves participation in behaviors or activities that cannot be stopped or reduced, even if they are harmful to the person’s life. This is called behavioral addictions.

    An addiction as dangerous as that involving drug use: behavioral

    Substance abuse or behavioral addictions involve the person suffers from an addiction to an object or behavior, not something tangible like a drug.

    Substance-free addictions have a higher risk of relapse because they use addictive behavior to cope with certain aspects of their life. These addictions often develop in response to trauma, stress, loneliness, or other difficult times in a person’s life. Examples can be work or internet addiction.

    For there to be addiction, there is no need for a physical element that can be consumed. Sometimes it’s just behavior that brings us down because of a biological imbalance

    Just as a person can become addicted to a substance, so can a person become addicted to a behavior. For example, gambling is behavior that can be addictive without the addition of physical elements. This is because the brain becomes imbalanced due to the release of dopamine during play.

      The most common addictions today

      We have already spoken, in this same medium, of how the brain acts when an addiction develops. In this process, brain structures and neurotransmitters come into play and therefore we need to be aware of possible warning signs.

      For us, what is relevant in this article is to tell you, so that you have this important information, what are the main substance-free addictions. That’s not to say there aren’t any more, as any behavior you can imagine can be likely to turn into addiction.

      For this reason, it is very important that we are prepared to have a correct understanding of their functioning, but also of their prognosis and evolution.

      Thus, the most common behavioral or nonsubstance addictions today are as follows.

      1. Gambling or gambling addiction

      Gambling is a truly addicting and destructive problem that affects many people. One of the main reasons for this is the way gambling addiction affects the brain.

      A gambling addict you may feel intense emotion or pleasure when you play, but then feel the same amount of desperation, disappointment and frustration when you lose your bets. The addict cannot control the impulse even if he does not want to.

      It is a very serious disorder which has significant personal and family consequences. It can affect people’s ability to function in society, and it can also greatly affect their financial situation.

        2. Work addiction

        Workaholism is a modern phenomenon. It happens when a person cannot stop working even if they want to and even if it is not a formal imposition of the organizational or work context.

        There are many reasons for this addiction, but one of the main ones is that people have been educated from childhood to work hard, they need to work from home for personal or family issues, and people think that society won’t appreciate if they don’t. Plus, they believe they are not doing the job well.

        Work addiction can be very damaging, in some cases causing depression and anxiety. It can also lead to burnout and poor job performance, which could lead to dismissal.

        When a person spends too much time at work and stops worrying about other things, they can develop a limiting disorder that needs to be treated with extra care.

        There are many professions that take a lot of time and dedication to be successful, however in most cases it is possible to balance work and personal life and maintain a healthy balance.

          3. Sex addiction

          Sex is a basic need of every person. However, if you get caught up in or overindulge in obsessive behavior, it can become a very serious problem that needs to be addressed.. It can affect personal relationships and really all areas of the addict’s life.

          It is important to note that many drug addicts use pornography which can be very detrimental to themselves by not actually meeting their expectations.

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