What is “gray death” and what are the effects of this medicine?

The great variety and the danger of drugs currently available in the world pose a real public health problem in society, and in particular for the young population of countries all over the world.

The emergence of new drugs represents a real challenge for the authorities in different countries, which find themselves more and more frequently with the increase in the consumption of harmful substances that are relatively unknown (due to their origins in illegal manufacture). really devastating.

Is the case of “gray death”, a drug of recent appearance and resembling a stone or a piece of cement.

    What is “gray death”?

    “Gray Death” contains a mixture of different psychoactive substances: mainly heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil (a sedative used in elephants) and a synthetic opioid called U-477 700. It is a combination of illegal substances. whose consumption has taken its toll in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom and parts of Eastern Europe.

    As we have seen, gray death in itself is not a substance that can be reduced to a single molecule, because it consists of a mixture of already harmful and very dangerous drugs. This means that, depending on the proportions used and the steps that were followed to carry out the preparation, their effects are slightly different. However, in all cases it is a highly toxic product and with the ability to generate dependency.

    Sometimes this drug can include other substances such as cocaine, but in all cases the consumption of this combination of substances harmful to the body, exerts a highly toxic effect on the person who ingests it, far more than any other drug on its own.

    Since its appearance in the United States a few years ago, what we know about this substance is that it can be consumed in different ways, as with other drugs: by injection, by mouth, in the form of tobacco, by snorting or being absorbed through the skin, which adds to the danger.

    From what is known so far, “gray death” is one of the deadliest drugs currently available on the black market and its effects need to be known to the general population to prevent its spread and spread. blind use. Let’s see what they consist of.

    What are its effects?

    Below we highlight the most relevant effects of “gray death”,

    1. High mortality

    Due to its high lethality, this drug has few effects associated with its consumption and this is due to the fact that people who consume “dead Ggis” usually suffer from it. an overdose that is very difficult to treat, Which causes the death of the consumer most of the time.

    The danger of using this drug is so great that in most cases death from overdose occurs in young people who use it for the first time and in a single dose.

    2. Danger to touch

    As stated above, another of the most important features of this dangerous drug is the fact that it can be absorbed through the skin due to its potent toxicity.

    This fact allows the harmful effects on the body of the person consuming “gray death” to begin only by touching it with parts of the body with specially exposed tissues.

    4. Psychoactive effects on the body

    The effects caused in the body by the use of “gray death” are much more potent than those caused by the continued use of opiates of all kinds separately, be they heroin, fentanyl or opioids. of any kind.

    This drug causes both physical and mental damage to the person who uses it, with a high probability of being irreparable even if the person does not die from an overdose. In addition, the combination of drugs makes the emotional, behavioral and perceptual phenomena that a person develops under the effects of this substance are very changeable and difficult to predict, although this usually happens. strong emotional instability and delusional thoughts.

    5. Overdose

    As indicated, “gray death” includes in its composition several very powerful opiates, sometimes in combination with other high-risk drugs which have very harmful effects on the body, and generally, a single drink is associated with a high probability of ending in death.

    Overdose is the most common consequence of the use of this drug, due to the large number of psychoactive substances that compose it and the fact that its effect on the person is several times stronger than that of morphine or 100 times stronger. stronger than fentanyl.

    Experts agree that naloxone is the most effective drug for reversing overdose of this drug and also of most opioid-containing drugs, but having this knowledge is insufficient to guarantee consumption of “gray death”.

    The difficulty of diagnosis

    Both US studies of this drug and case-specific analyzes in people who have overdosed due to ‘gray death’ show the great difficulty involved in the scientific analysis of a drug which is the product of the combination of so many different substances.

    The diversity of the combined active ingredients, which vary from case to case, makes it extremely difficult for doctors and specialists to analyze each of the overdose deaths. And is that sometimes even doctors are not able to know for sure which substances many victims have consumed.

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