Why is it so easy to fall into online gambling addiction?

Gambling has been with us for generations, as a form of entertainment or as a way of trying to get rich. When it comes to gambling, most people think of “slot machines,” roulette, and other casino, bingo, or even lottery games.

And as everyone knows, many people have developed an addiction problem over the years to these games of chance. Why do so many people fall into this addiction process? Let’s see.

    What makes it so easy to get addicted to online gambling?

    We can simplify the concept of dependency as the case where a person loses control of a certain behavior. It can be drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or snorting cocaine for example (classic chemical addictions), but we can also talk about non-chemical or behavioral addictions.

    Gambling addiction (also known as gambling addiction) is an increasingly common form of addiction in our society, unfortunately. And is that technology, just like it brings us so many benefits and opportunities that we couldn’t even dream of years ago … can also make a particular problem worse.

    Online gambling has come to stay, and they are changing gambling or gambling addiction as we know it. In the following lines, I will explain the main reasons why online gambling addiction is more dangerous than traditional addiction.

    1. Accessibility

    They practically give us a cell phone when we start to read, everyone in our country has access to a smartphone with Internet access.

    No need to drive to remote places, not even to the corner betting house. Just log into one of the online bookmaker platforms to start playing. Additionally, these platforms often make it easier for players to encourage play, such as “give away” welcome credits so they can play more early on.

      2. Anonymity

      traditionally if a person had to go down to the bar downstairs, maybe they were thinking about it, So that his neighbors and acquaintances can think of seeing him very often play and bet his salary.

      However, this barrier no longer exists. Anyone, even a minor who fakes their identity, can create an account on a betting page or app and start their adventures with very little money. He could be in the living room betting on his cell phone, and people around him would think he’s just on the most innocent social media.

      3. Variable reward

      When a person uses, for example, cocaine, they can predict when they will feel the “surge” within seconds of use. However, with the game one cannot predict when exactly the reward will come (Win a game, for example).

      It has been observed in a plethora of scientific research that by the time the “unpredictable” reward arrives, the increase in dopamine levels in the brain is greater than other drugs. In other words, it makes people who gamble more likely to become addicted, than even other people who use drugs.

      4. Powerful marketing campaigns

      The big bookmakers are handling unimaginable amounts of money, so they have enough resources to create gigantic marketing campaigns, And pay celebrities and celebrities to promote their betting platforms. It is very common to see popular footballers playing in advertisements and betting campaigns.

      By associating celebrities or characters that we admire with betting, it is easier for people to look at them with different eyes and to be more likely to play.

      5. Acceptance by the population

      Similar to what happens with alcohol and tobacco, being legal drugs, a large part of the population does not perceive them as such a health risk. “If it was really dangerous, it would be prohibited” or “if it is legal, it is not a drug”.

      Likewise, since gambling is legalized and has so few limitations, many people standardize gambling in their environment, so it is more difficult for them to perceive all the risks involved.

      More precisely in Spain, it is the country in the world where the lottery moves the most money. Culturally, we are much more permissive with betting than other European countries, And this conditions us to be more open to gambling in general.

      What to do in the event of a problematic gambling problem?

      So far, the article. If you suspect that you or someone you know is developing any betting problem, it is best to see a specialist as soon as possible. It is important to see a professional as soon as possible.

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