Analysis of WhatsApp conversations to prove breaches

The widespread use of new technologies in all strata of our society provides psychology professionals with new strategies for analyzing relevant information in psychological expertise processes.

And although part of the psychological processes are in practice subjective, in situations where there are forensic implications, these phenomena are externalized in a wide variety of objective elements, such as the conversations that take place on the platforms of cat.

That is why the analysis of WhatsApp conversations is one of the functions that forensic psychologists regularly perform. In this case, we will focus on how WhatsApp message analysis is performed when testing for breach cases.

    What is conversation analysis in the context of forensic psychology?

    Forensic psychology serves, among other things, to provide information relating to relevant psychological phenomena to be taken into account when resolving legal proceedings. Therefore, psychologists trained in this field are hired to apply their knowledge and technical skills when analyzing cases and adding relevant information that helps clarify what happened in the events that gave rise to a trial. It should be noted that forensic psychologists do not work within the framework of the defense or the prosecution; although these are usually contracts entered into by one of the parties, they adopt a position of neutrality and their main task is to objectively analyze and extract valuable information (although in practice it may benefit one of the parties). This information can be used both to understand what happened and to clarify or challenge what was said in previous reports.

    In this sense, conversation analysis is not a way of self-servingly presupposing the intentions and beliefs of those involved in a communicative exchange that has taken place; rather, it allows you to focus on clues and evidence that they may assist in clarifying a matter that is under investigation in the forensic context, so that judges, lawyers and prosecutors have all the information possible. Thus, this type of analysis is used for, among other things:

    • Provide evidence that at the time of the conversation, one or more persons were aware of a forensically relevant fact.
    • Show signs of altered states of consciousness at some point
    • Show signs that prior to this conversation, violence may have occurred between the people speaking or other forms of crime or crime.
    • Show indications that one or more people in the conversation were planning to commit a crime or crime.
    • Showing signs of unequal power dynamics, or psychological manipulation, emotional blackmail, etc.

      What is psychological expertise?

      The psychological report is the essential report prepared by forensic psychologists provide the judge with the objective elements necessary for any legal proceedings during which he must decide whether a specific crime has been committed or not.

      It is a scientific and objective report produced by expert psychology professionals through the application of strategies based on the scientific method.

      The main objective of this type of report is to help understand what happened in relation to relevant aspects such as the mental health of those involved, the possible psychological consequences caused by illegality, the parenting skills of two divorcing people and conflicting child custody processes, etc. Conversation analysis is one of the expert resources used in the preparation of the psychological expert report.

        How does WhatsApp conversation analysis work to prove breaches?

        WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used instant messaging application, with over 2000 million users worldwide, and is also the tool used by millions of people around the world to communicate quickly and effectively.

        Thanks to the analysis of conversations carried out through WhatsApp, you can help to prove serious crimes committed against the sexual freedom of people, such as rape, one of those that has the greatest impact on the victim, both physically and psychologically. Conversations often reflect “traces” of what has happened or is about to happen, so with the information they provide, it is easier to clarify questions about whether episodes of violence occurred or not.

        Psychologists often analyze this type of conversation to find signs of what may constitute a crime or to prove the existence of psychological signs, although it should be noted that to prove any crime during a legal process, a expert psychological analysis is not always necessary. necessary (depending on the circumstances and the degree of material evidence available).

        Thus, people who have been victims of a violation and who have WhatsApp conversations that prove said crime can use these contents, if psychologists and lawyers consider it as such, in legal proceedings; in this case, the information stored in the electronic devices can be consulted to demonstrate that these exchanges of messages have not been manipulated and that they are part of a history of interaction between the accused/the victim.

        When the content posted on the chat platform consists of conversations between the victim and the aggressor about what happened, it provides a large amount of information about the criminal event that allegedly took place, and although technically it is not material evidence that conclusively demonstrates what happened (if there are no videos or photographs), it allows for example to show inconsistencies or lies directly apparent in the speech of the defense .

        That is to say that the information extracted by the psychological expertise it helps to strengthen and weaken the arguments of the defense and the prosecution because they correspond more or less to what emerges from the expert reports. For this reason, the said report should not be seen in itself as “proof” but as an element of context which allows a more global vision of what happened and stabilizes or destabilizes the lines of accusation and defence, on which applies Ockham’s razor: Why is the accused behaving as if he had not committed a crime he did not commit?

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