How is mobbing assessed and certified?

Mobbing or harassment is a series of violent behaviors towards an employee in a work context that aim to degrade him psychologically and affect all aspects of his person.

This harassment can be exercised by a person or a group of people, generally occupying superior or similar positions in the hierarchical position that the victim occupies in the organization chart of the company. At first, this is done subtly using unseen tactics of denigration, humiliation, or discredit at work, all with the goal of not being discovered; Nevertheless Over time, this dynamic of physical and/or psychological violence normalizes and is part of the usual dynamics of the organization.

Mobbing is more common among work colleagues, although it can also be exercised by superiors or bosses in order to force the person to leave their job.

With this form of harassment at work, a series of psychological symptoms of discomfort often appear, which can lead to physical or psychosomatic symptoms, all of which have a very detrimental effect on the mental health of the person. That is why It is important to act quickly and certify the existence of these cases of harassment.

    Why is it important to detect bullying as early as possible?

    The psychological symptoms associated with bullying are cognitive, physical and emotional and should be addressed as soon as possible, as they can intensify as the harassment continues over time.

    Some of the most common symptoms of mobbing are low self-esteem, stress, lack of confidence, security and decision-making, lack of concentration, insomnia, anxiety, distresspersonal devaluation, irritability and rejection of spontaneous social relations.

    As mentioned, each of these symptoms can be aggravated the longer the harassment at work lasts, which is why it is very important for the organization to detect it and report it to the victim.

    And it is that the symptoms of mobbing can eventually become psychological disorders that intensely affect the life of a person, such as the appearance of cases of depression, that is why it is essential to put yourself in the hands of a psychologist to treat them professionally.

    A qualified psychologist will be able to offer a specialized psychological care service in the event of mobbing to treat the psychological consequences of harassment and to propose tools and techniques allowing the person to regain previous levels of self-esteem.

    However, in order to be able to intervene correctly, First of all, the company itself must be able to detect and stop cases of harassment in time, for which it is necessary to have tools for the assessment and identification of workplace harassment, and for the victim to have forensic documentation that certifies that these attacks have taken place. This is why the HI-MOBB tool was created.

      What is HI-MOBB?

      HI-MOBB is a new forensic tool created to certify the presence or absence of cases of mobbing at workthat is, to detect cases of false accusation of workplace harassment.

      A team of professionals led by psychologist Fernando Azor, of Azor & Asociados, and composed of forensic computer scientists, criminologists and forensic psychologists has built a forensic tool that will be very useful for lawyers and psychologists to demonstrate this phenomenon in all kinds of processes. judicial.

      The expert assessments carried out with HI-MOBB integrate the work of clinical or forensic psychologists, that of the criminologist and that of the forensic computer scientist, since the joint work in these 3 disciplines will make it possible to certify with more fidelity and foundation the existence of a mobbing affair.

      With HI-MOBB we can professionally certify any type of workplace harassment, as well as cases of false accusations. Here are some of the main features of this tool.

      1. Secure extraction and certification of communications between the worker and the company

      Using computers, tablets and phones, HI-MOBB is able to extract emails and conversations from Whatsapp, Skype or any other messaging application.

        2. Extraction and certification of videos and audios

        All extracted content is taken from the person’s work environment.

        3. Forensic analysis of any notification or communication

        Both done in writing or by audio medium.

        4. Forensic Analysis of Workplace Recordings

        It should be noted that in the tests only audio or video recordings that deal with work issues and where the victim is the interlocutor are accepted as valid.. And they are also admitted even if the other party does not know that it is registered.

          5. Analysis of medical reports and discharges

          All types of documents relating to the health of the victim that have accumulated during the period during which the harassment lasted.

          6. Preparation of a psychological report

          The essential document during a legal filing where the emotional state of the victim is determined and which includes the analysis of other reports and documents provided.

            7. Tips

            The advice provided by HI-MOBB is aimed at reporting and supporting the victim during the legal proceedings. Everything necessary is provided for the person to deal with the necessary statements and opinions in the best possible way.

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