The 13 types of sexual assault (characteristics and effects)

Being a victim of violence, assault or sexual abuse is one of the most difficult and humiliating situations through which the human being can pass, and the person who suffers from it takes a long time to overcome the traumatic event. The feeling that one’s own privacy has been tortured and trampled has serious psychological and relationship consequences for the person who has been the subject of such a cruel and inhuman act.

There are different forms of sexual violence. In this article, we review them.

What is sexual violence

Sexual violence refers to sexual activity without the consent of one of the people involved. Although women are the most affected by this phenomenon, anyone can be a victim of sexual violence, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, income level, ability, profession, background. ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The perpetrators of these evil acts may or may not have a relationship with the victim: a friend, acquaintance, colleague, neighbor, caregiver or family member are some examples. However, statistics show that in many cases, victims of sexual violence knew the perpetrators.

    Some data in this regard

    A study by Maston and Klaus, published in 2005, indicates that 73% of adult victims have some kind of relationship with their abusers, 38% were people with whom they had a friendship, 28% were their partner and 7% were their parents. In the case of minors, the reality is even more worrying, because 90% of victims knew their perpetrators, according to a 1996 study by Greenfeld.

    Data from a survey by Tjaden and Thoennes (2000) show that one in 33 men has been the victim of rape or attempted rape. In the case of women, the data concludes that one in six people has been raped or attempted to rape.

    Types of sexual violence

    There are many types of sexual violence, as this act includes activities that are not necessarily characterized by physical contact between the victim and the perpetrator. However, sexual violence always includes some kind of differential power, coercion, threat and / or physical force.

    But, What types of sexual violence do you have? How to classify these horrible behaviors? Here is a list of the different types of sexual violence:

      Depending on the severity

      Depending on the severity, sexual violence can be classified in different ways.

      1. Sexual harassment

      This type of sexual violence occurs when the person committing the act takes advantage of their position of superiority to ask for sexual favors. The victim is threatened and intimidated to commit these acts against their will. This usually happens more often in the work environment, but also in education.

      2. Sexual abuse

      In this type of is characterized by the fact that the aggressor attacks the sexual freedom of the victim by deception and coercion. As a main feature of this type of sexual violence, victims cannot give consent because they lack the intellectual capacity or the will to do so. as may be the case for children or people with disabilities. Fondling, explicit verbal offers, and penetrating are all part of sexual abuse.

      3. Sexual assault

      In this case, the victim’s sexual freedom is affected because the abuser uses violencea and bullying to eat the act. Rape is the most serious case of sexual assault. This occurs when there is penetration of the member, but also when objects are introduced through the vaginal and anal routes.

      According to the type of aggressor

      Different types of sexual violence can occur depending on the perpetrator

      4. Sexual assault by an acquaintance

      This type of sexual assault is characterized because the abuser is an acquaintance. Whether it is a friend, a date or a relative of the victim. They are usually very common, as acquaintances have information about the victim and are more likely to know how to commit the crime without suffering the negative consequences of a criminal trial.

      5. Sexual assault by a stranger

      Some people are sexually assaulted when they simply walk down the street, without prior contact with the abuser. In this case, the victim does not know the aggressor. There is often the case where the attacker chooses an almost random victim as part of an impulsive reaction.

      6. Sexual assault by a parent

      Although many people find it hard to believe, family members also sexually assault other family members.. It is a type of aggression that, unlike the previous one, can last for a long time. The victim feels so embarrassed that it takes some time to make a decision.

      7. Aggression of a sentimental partner

      This type of sexual assault occurs when the abuser is the victim’s current partner (Married or not) or is the ex-partner. Feelings of revenge are common in this type of act, and may even explain the reason for the attack.

      According to the type of victim

      Depending on the victim, the assault can be classified in different ways.

      8. Sexual abuse of minors

      Through deception or corruption, the aggressor takes control of the sexual freedom of the minor victim. It can happen inside or outside the family.

      • More information: “Child abuse: physical and psychological sequelae in abused children”

      9. Sexual assault on men

      Although a lot of people don’t believe it, statistics show that one in 33 men have been victimized or attempted to be sexually assaulted. Moreover, it is a reality of which relatively little is known; more research is needed on the contexts in which these attacks occur, particularly beyond prison.

      10. Sexual assault on women

      It is the most common form of sexual abuse. This is happening both in the West and in underdeveloped countries. Many women have been victims or have attempted sexual assault.

      Other types of sexual violence

      There are other types of sexual assault. They are as follows:

      11. Drug-facilitated sexual assault

      When drug use has been used to induce sexual assault, we are talking about this type of drug. Alcohol remains one of the most widely used substances. Although today, other drugs like GHB or Burundanga are used to override the will of the victims.

      12. Sexual exploitation

      One form of sexual violence is sexual exploitation. It happens when a person is forced, threatened and coerced into having sex without their consent. The operator also derives an economic advantage at his own expense.

      13. Incest

      Incest is sex that occurs between parents who share the same blood or that they proceed by their birth from a common core. For many experts, this is also a form of sexual abuse, as there may be family pressure for the victim to have sex and marry another family member.

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